Monday, 8 August 2011

small joys

  • i had the all day bacon and egg breakfast in one of my fave cafes today. that was good.

  • my favourite bread (lawsons) was on special

  • i got a package in the mail, not a bill, a book. thanks dana for your dumb poetry book book of stupid poetry

  • got me two bunches of happy yellow daffodils

  • the sun is out

  • we're having chicken schnitzel for dinner

  • freshly washed hair

  • i got the kids off to school before i was tempted to strangle someone

all in all, a good day :)

and in late breaking news, we have some new baby birds in the aviary :)


  1. They sound like fairly big joys to me. Enjoy them while they last.

  2. As they say .."The simple things in life are often the best" !

    I had a moment like that the other day.. Having lunch in a lovely cafe, sun shining, just been to visit kids at school open day..

    Does it get any better ?


  3. sounds like a good day, lovely Spesh xx

  4. Some days are just perfect from start to finish. So why can't they be like that every day?

  5. Yeah, sounds like a great day. I have one question though.

    "thanks dana for your book of stupid poetry"

    Did Dana write the poetry? Like, is she dying, and these poems contain the final jewels of a wise and loving heart, and you just dissed them? God, Kylie!!! What a witch you are!

  6. snow,
    as far as i know dana should live long
    but yeah, i'm a witch

    *kylie wanders off looking for broomstick*

  7. Love Lawson's Bread especially if purchased as a special.

    Is Henry Lawson's poem "The Man From Ironbark" classified as stupid poetry?

  8. That's it I am gathering up a boat load of varied age children and sending them to OZ. Meet them at the freight terminal.

    Another month until school starts here...for them that will go that is.

  9. we have absolutely the cutest, tinest humming birds you ever saw in our wind chimes <><><>yes the tinest of all nests at the very top of the chime{not even the largest in the set} two babies squished in so tight<><>,.they sit there with their snouts and try not to look conspicuous, but they are

  10. walking man,
    i'm just concerned about what size the boat is?
    you know there actually were boatloads of english orphans shipped here in years gone by.

    we dont have hummingbirds here but i happened to see one when i was in california and what a delight they are! the babies have to be even more amazing!

  11. Kia ora Kylie,
    I always enjoy the saying the "most of the bad things that happened to me never did", meaning most of the stuff we worry about never eventuates, yet worry we do. So thanks for the reminder of appreciating the little "victories" we have each day. Hope all is well. Kia kaha.

  12. hi robb,
    i had a moment of great impatience last week when someone was whining to me about pain in their life. i know pain and i have sympathy for it but in this person i see no progress, just wallowing.
    i went away thinking that there is joy any day if we look hard enough so i decided i'd better follow my own advice :)


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