Friday, 5 August 2011

things here go on the same only different; taffy the dog has made a miraculous recovery so far and i am trying to keep it in my mind that he is not out of the woods yet. the courage of the old fella has been amazing. he is now well enough to chase birds again, forgetting sometimes that his balance is a bit out and falling flat on his side, which is heartbreaking and hilarious all at once but when he was sick he would drag himself from his bed for only two things: to pee and to greet me. he even ate from his bed but dignity and loyalty would see him drag his sorry arse up and he would stagger like a drunken sailor to do what was right.
he is now raiding the bin again, begging food scraps and keeping an eye on me at all times, he has a tremor at times but otherwise you wouldnt know he was on deaths door only two weeks ago.

i am working very little at the moment which could be concerning but for now i am pottering about, experimenting with the slow cooker and attending to bits & pieces i havent got around to. one of those things was to visit the doc for some long overdue blood test results. i am anaemic and low on vitamin D so i guess the prescription is to sit in the sun on glorious days, eat well and take some supplements until things are back on track. i'll be sure to get back for a progress report.....

we are to pick up another car tomorrow, it's not road worthy so we'll have two little blue shopping carts for the hubby to tinker with. there was a stage when we had owned a car for every year of our marriage and it seems that we might be heading that way again. it will be twenty years this year and i think my last car count was about 15?

the more things change the more they stay the same, it seems


  1. Glad to hear of Taffy's spectacular recovery. Long may it last. Make sure you get plenty of vitamin D, lack of it has been linked to any number of serious illnesses....

  2. Aww good ol' Taff. It's so hard to make decisions about an ailing pet. You should have told me you're a car tinkerer. Mine could do with a bit of TLC

  3. So happy to hear that Taffy has picked up - fingers crossed for continued health.
    I understand that lots of us here in Oz are low in Vitamin D because we follow the slip, slop, slap program. Ironic isn't it.

  4. Good to hear taff is plodding along. My blood tests came back Yes i'm a canditate fo diabetes. Also my vitamin D is low a count of 30 which i'm told is low.

  5. The Elephant's Child has emphasised what some in the Australian medical profession are saying. Too much sun cream. I agree but there are a lot of people out there not even going outdoors much and still will suffer the same fate. Cream? everything in moderation.

  6. ha, born in 71<>>><24 years old alright and i do not flirt ijust state the obvious

  7. Working very little....
    Sitting in the sun...
    Eating well..

    What seems to be the dilemma ?


  8. nick,
    i'm workin on it!

    i dont tinker but the MOTH does, what does your beastie need doing?

    elephants child,
    i'm not too hot on the slip slop slap so i'll probably get skin cancer as well as chalky bones! gah!

    things are going to turn around for you! just take care of yourself because you are worth it!

    it's an interesting little bet is that in twenty years there will be more research that will explain all

    where did you learn maths? remind me not to send my kids to school in utah :)

    you funny funny woman!
    i sit in the sun cos i cant afford gas :)

  9. Hi Kylie!

    Sorry to hear about the lack of work but hey, if you are getting things done that's good.

    I can't remember if I have seen a picture of Taff - are there any on the blog?

  10. hi megs!
    there will be work again....i hope :)
    taff is here somewhere, there should be a link in the tag cloud thingy


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