Saturday, 29 October 2011

geetarr, pancakes & study

i discovered this pancake mix i really like and the girls make it for us on a saturday morning. actually, they make it at odd moments all through saturday. keaghan is raging about having a science test tuesday when the teacher has been away for the last week, liam obsessively plays his guitar.....
i am enjoying fiddling about with editing photos. so, thats our saturday morning.

afternoon is fast approaching and a trip to the shops (again) is on the agenda. i seem to buy shoes for someone every week and this week the young rager wants a pillow and the fashion plate wants new shorts. and on it goes.

life at the moment is both super ordinary and extra extraordinary. i'm alternately being a housewife and working. as hausfrau i chat online and as "secondary packaging manager" i chat in 3D. both are delightful.


  1. mmmm pancakes. I can't remember the last time I had them, and now they are stuck in my head.

  2. what do you like to put on them?

  3. Lemon juice and sugar. Simple and delicious. And ingredients I always have at home too.

  4. What a wonderful pic. The subject matter and the composition are perfectly chosen.

    I can remember me and my sister being a constant drain on my parents' finances when we were little. There was always something we needed. Not that we ever thought of the cost, we just noisily demanded things!

  5. Is that a Takamine? I have one of those :)

  6. I put maple syrup on mine, but I've never made much of anything from a mix. With pancakes, I like to make some that are lemony flavored and others that have buckwheat.

  7. elephants child,
    i like lemon and sugar too!

    thank you!
    yeah, 4 kids in four years means four teenagers. it's a bit pricey but they are pretty reasonableand if they are not i just threaten to knock their heads off!

    fifth elephant,
    it is indeed a takamine. i know nothing about guitars but obviously takamine is cool :)

    the girls are good cooks but this mix is a bit more reliable than their pancakes. i had lemony pancakes when i was in cali. best ever!

  8. Shoot. I was totally planning on scrapple for breakfast tomorrow (today) and now I have to re-think it.

  9. Kia ora Kylie,
    I keep telling my youngest boy Charlie about my favourite breakfast place back in Wisconsin, Bill's Pancake House, about 20 different type of pancakes and a big tray of different syrups. My favourite is the banana nut with butter and maple syrup. Yum - and part of the reason we Americans get so portly! Good reason to keep on heading into the mountains. Hope all is well Kylie. Kia kaha.

  10. so megan,
    what did it end up being?

    your choice of pancake sounds delish! except for the banana supply being bad :(
    it's been a while, eh? great to see you here.

    kia kaha are my words for the day, i think.


  11. Pancake mixes are the best.. just add water and shake..even three hungry kids can manage that ! Fresh berries and cream are my fave topping but in reality it turns out to be berry jam and whatever cream we have in fridge ! Except when I give up completely out of sheer exhaustion and the icecream comes out..much to the delight of aforementioned kids..

  12. We went to a football game instead. :)


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