Friday, 4 November 2011

Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies

cant remember what i had to pay for everyone to smile

i suppose i have had a good many compliments in my lifetime. one reason would be that it's getting to be a long lifetime, others would be my great wit and total hotness. unfortunately nobody notices my exellent spelling.
seriously though, Peter Regenzani / Peter Reghenzani, my memory isn't good enough to spell your name but if you ever google yourself and find me please say hello because your assertion that i could converse on almost anything tickled me pink.
i was only about twenty at the time and truth be told i had and have gaping holes in my conversation; pop culture often escapes me, especially sci fi and music, i know nothing of history (but then who chats about history?) and politics are scary.

yeah so anyhow, i liked that and peter (peter as mentioned above) liked that i knew how to eat spaghetti properly. he also told me that no true italian eats it properly so in reality i didnt know the right and proper way but all of that is semantics...

in my family it's pretty much expected that one will converse on a broad range of topics and some branches of the family also operate on the maxim "if you dont know, make it up"

in recent times i have started to wonder why we are like that, none of us is particularly well educated, i mean we do pretty well but we're not the intelligentsia. and probably more to the point, why is it that other people dont seem to want to discuss all kinds of random topics for no real reason? well, bloggers do so maybe i'm asking the wrong people.

i like it, i like that we each bring our specific interests to the table and toss them about. i like that if someone says something illogical/ thoughtless/ plain dumb somebody will jump on it, i like the expectation of rigour (now wait for someone to point out the tautology)

i like that we could spend ten minutes getting sidetracked by funny tautologies we have heard ...
and on it goes.

thinking about all this has had me considering where i come from. how did we get to be here? and i'm thinking i might just muse aloud here on what i know of my grandparents. i dont have a plan, we'll just have a cerebral wander over the next little while.......

i'm sure something will interest someone, even if i have to open my own blog ten times a day to get hits on my counter


  1. A certain level of education does not guarantee a certain level of intelligence..Your education level is a reult of choices you make and oppurtunities available to you (or your parents)..Aren't we all winging it at some stage or other ?
    Show me the person who knows everything..apart from those we know who think they do !!

  2. This is one of those "turn on computer, type something" kind of posts. Not being critical, I often wish I could do that, but somehow it never works out.

    Amazed anyone still has conversations at the table. Amazed anyone still uses a table, other than the coffee table in front of the TV.

    So there. I did it. A comment when I have nothing to say. As you can tell, I'm easily amused.

  3. oh fee! who thinks they know everything?? muahahahaha
    hope to see you soon!

    mr charleston,
    it is exactly one of thse posts and i dont like doing it and it doesnt work so well but you dropped in and said hello and thats mostly what i want! :)

  4. I can chat about a wide variety of subjects, but I too have gaping holes in my repertoire - football, sport generally, contemporary music other than the big names, classical music, fishing (a big interest in NI), science of any description etc. Well, we can't all be experts on everything, can we?

    I agree, one of the great things about blogging is the huge breadth of people's experience and knowledge, which is constantly entertaining and enlightening. Much more enlightening than the average conversation with the next-door neighbour or my workmates.

  5. There's nothing in here about coffee?

  6. There isn't room in my brain for me, so I have evicted the ancestors. Brain nursing homes?

  7. I did not know I was present in the spiralling chains of knowledge hidden in the cells of those pictured MiNuS 1!

  8. I just noticed something that made me smile :)

  9. nick,
    you do pretty well, i think!

    how did i miss that?

    brain nursing homes? not an attractive idea. sometimes evicting the ancestors is the best thing to do with em :)

    you would need to check with mum....

    fifth elephant,
    a teeny boy? he is adorable

  10. You open your own blog to run up the hits on your counter? I thought I was the only one. I'm also registered as 242 separate people on Blogger, yet I have 243 followers. That's right, kid, you and I are the only people who really read my blog.

  11. snow,
    you do a great job of impersonating a whole lot of different people on your comments :)

    if i was the only person you wrote for i would be honoured



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