Friday, 23 December 2011

It's nearly One am....In The Morning

and yes, the "in the morning" is redundant, that's why i put it there! i'm relaxed and chatty and thought i would do a post regardless of the hour.

I finished my Christmas food shopping today, spent a minor fortune in my favourite fruit market come deli. I have become so caught up in silliness that i havent been to that shop in a very long time and i wonder why on earth not. It's a fantasia of good, honest stuff: vegetables and cheeses and biscuits and pasta......
we have a box of my favourite mangoes: calypso; we have halloumi and feta and peaches to grill with brown sugar, we have mushrooms and zucchini, potatoes to roast, broccoli and asparagus. we have turkey and camembert and the makings of punch.

we also have my katten, oscar, soon to be mum & dad's cat. she will provide Christmas-day-pouncing-on -wrapping-paper entertainment. i rescued oscar as a two week old kitten, crying and drenched on a rainy day, no mama in sight. she nearly died of flea anaemia and cost me another minor fortune but she is now seven weeks, doubled her weight, behaving like a cat and worth it? you bet!

i have gifts for all but my wee nephew, as a male he is already impossible to buy for, even at the age of three and the local toy store has closed it's doors. there would have been something there for him but now there is a scourge of the earth dollar store.

i seem to have left the grinch behind, which is easy really, when one is blessed as i am. the greatest gift for me in this season of gifts is the knowledge that the universe truly is unfolding as it should. i dont always like it but who likes whats good for them?

i thank you for keeping on reading and commenting, even when i rudely neglect to reply. i cant explain why i do that except to say that life has taken on a different rhythm lately and a girl has to roll with the punches.

thank you, thank you, thank you for your input to my blog and my life. i wish you joy today and enough other days to make the crummy ones worth fighting through.

" The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness the prisoners" Isaiah 61:1


  1. It is just after 5.30 today. Shortly I will ablute, dress and get going. Things to do, shopping to complete (food only thank fully). When do we get to see pictures ot the kattern?
    Wishing you happiness and magic in all your days.

  2. darling Spesh, you deserve every rich happiness that is coming to you. Just enjoy life, as you continue to do so.
    Lots of love,
    P xxx

  3. Mmmmmm.. haloumi, feta, peaches, camembert, mushrooms, zucchini, what time are you expecting me ?? (Having a Homer Simpson moment : can't..stop..thinking..about..FOOD !!)
    Hope you and your family have a FABULOUS Christmas and a WONDERFUL New Year ! Hope 2012 is everything you dreamed of and deserve .Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading your lovely musings and with glee like to add my simple but heartfelt comments..
    Love Fee xoxo

  4. When do we eat and what airport do I fly into?

  5. Love the quote from Isaiah. It is relative of course to the 1st Christmas events but it seems to been dropped in recent times.

    Unlike other comment contributors Beverley Dawn and I will turn up to help you consume the food items you have listed!

    Christmas Blessings to all your "commentators" and more beside.

    Interestingly the word verification ginen in Irish green sats Dommo would you believe Kylie.

    Walking Man. Meet us at Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport and we'll keep some to feed you whenever you

  6. Christmas morning here and it feels a little strange not having the kids at home but...thankful for all I have, hopeful for all I want. Have a lovely Christmas Kylie. See you next week!

  7. Christmas morning found me at home alone. Grandkids at their other grandparent's home, wife gone to visit her kid in another city. Just me and the dogs. Wonderful! Feliz temporada de las luces.

  8. elephants child,
    did you see oscar there in the picture with taffy?

    she went to mum & dads place today and settled in like she owned the place :)

    you know i adore you and wish you the best for 2012! when are you coming out to see me?

    i'm honored every time i am visited by the carb queen!!
    best wishes for the new year to you and yours

    walking man,
    my best to you!

    bring ze camera!

    right back at ya! and all the best for the new year

    mr charleston,
    i'm loving the spanish!
    happy 2012 to ya!

  9. Now you have pointed oscar out I don't see how I could have missed her. And of course she settled in like she owned the place. They do.

  10. Hey Kyles. Your Facebook page has disappeared? Can you email so I can send pics. Thanks for tonight. Lovely to meet you and Liam.

  11. You're giving Oscar to your parents? What's up about that? I hope things are okay with you.

  12. snowy,
    i could swear i told you she was going to mums? we already have birds, the dog and the rabbit ....a cat would take the menagerie to levels of ridiculousness. i never intended to keep her, just to save her life on a cold wet day. mum misses having a pet and i'm glad for her to be somewhere i can see her so it works for everyone.
    things are all good here, thanks for asking :)

  13. "i could swear i told you she was going to mums?"

    Maybe you did, my dear, and I simply forgot. After all, you know what a very busy and important man I am, what with all the time I spend everyday doing drugs, trashing religion, and castigating my country. Why, sometimes, I can scarcely spare time to go potty.

    Anyway, I admire you for rescuing pussy. It's the kind of thing my mother did a lot of.


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