Saturday, 5 May 2012

i guess that last post was the alienate-everybody-unholy-trinity of natural birth, religion and alternative medicine.  it's a pity because i was excited about it and now i feel like the prophet unaccepted in his hometown only i'm not a prophet. it takes me back to my teens and twenties when i was the radical tree hugging environmentally aware girl only i wasnt very radical and i didnt hug trees.

i guess i'll just go update my amazon wish list..................


  1. Hello,
    I am not everybody. And I came back to the fold, wagging my tail behind me.
    You are entitled to your views. About anything and everything. Please tell me that I didn't make you feel bad about yourself.
    If I did, consider me grovelling at your feet. That was not my intention at all.

  2. more the fact that only you commented, and for that i thank you :)

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Back in the Eighties when birthing centers were just coming into vogue all I wanted to do was participate in the traditional man in the waiting room dance. BUT OHHHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I had to be there for the births of both my was one of the reasons as soon as my divorce was final I immediately had a vasectomy.

    What's the matter with hugging trees anyway the Druids did it and their bark was no worse than their bite.

  4. Kylie, I was on one of my many disappearing acts from blog world, so I had to go back and read your blog. I couldn't watch the video because it says my quick time is out of date. pfffttt.... I hate quick time, so I don't use it. So, no video for me, but from what I read in your blog, I completely understand your line of thought and I think you did a stellar job of explaining your point of view. I have long, LONG been of the same opinion. Our entire attitude begins with thought. It is well known that stress, anger, depression, etc (strong emotions) can lead to illness. I'll not say who just in case "who" is following my comments, but "who" has a nasty temper, quick to fire up and completely unreasonable while his temper is out of control. I, on the other hand, give myself attitude adjustments where necessary. Because I am not quick to anger, nor throw every emotion out into the open for show and tell, but CHOOSE to be happy IN SPITE of negativity that surrounds me daily, I am a very healthy senior citizen. Did I mention VERY HEALTHY? It is because I actually USED my thoughts and reshaped my attitudes. This realization came upon me very early in life. I had suffered with colitis from age 17 until approx. age of 25. I had one colitis attack that actually landed me in the hospital at the ripe old age of 21. Numerous doctors offered no hope. I was told that I would simply have to watch my diet and "live with it", which is not something a young girl wanted to hear. I visited yet another doctor when I was about 23-24. I think for the first time, I asked a doctor what caused the colitis. He told me that it is often brought on by stress and "nerves". Well, in my mind, it meant that I had brought it on myself and I said to myself - "OK did this, now UNDO IT". I began to used my mind to change my attitudes and thought patterns. I continued to watch my diet while going through my mind transformation. By age 25 or so, I was freed from the monster that colitis is - COMPLETELY healed. Now, "Who", on the other hand, never tried to manage his mind or emotions. Guess who has life threatening illness after a lifetime of emotional issues??? Yup..."WHO"... We are senior citizens now and it is wonderful to be retired AND healthy. Recently, I have reconnected with several classmates from high school. We graduated 1965 and almost half of our class has already died. Many of those whose health issues took them early also had emotional issues early on. The happy, laid-back types are mostly happy and healthy in retirement too.

    I won't expound on how my faith has also influenced/promoted a good life and good health because then I would be writing a book here. LOL... I'll spare you and anybody else who reads comments left on blogs. I'll just say, quickly and to the point, that faith HUGELY shapes attitudes and emotions if one just keeps the faith without taking things back and worrying over their problems, situations, etc. It is hard to give something over to the Lord, then NOT take it back and try to "fix" it ourselves. When complete trust is placed in the Lord's hands and I trusted Him with all, miracles happened in my life. Now, some may translate that as me saying they do not have enough faith, but ...well... maybe, just maybe, it is truer than they think. When we look within, we have to look very deep and be prepared for the pain when we recognize our own shortcomings.

    Well now...THERE... You are on the right thought track and I hope you do not allow discouragement in the door again.

    Many blessings...

  5. mark,
    it would seem to me that if i can save just one man from the trauma you suffered my work will be complete :)
    and in all seriousness, it will be my job to look after the fathers as well as the mothers.
    and yes, the druids were clever folk :)

    i maybe was a little premature in my whining, not to mention totally unmindful of the whole theory of mind-life connection. it's a little bit funny, really!
    your story is remarkable and i thank you for taking the time to write it down.
    i have to say that i am beginning to realise that a fully surrendered life is a very radical thing, it might take some getting used to!

    hugs are always a good thing, i think :)

  6. I don't like posts that demand something from me. ;)

  7. Oh pish. If you can't philosophise on your own blog, where can you?

  8. There seems to be a very erudite seminar going on, which I've completely lost track of. Is there a plot synopsis somewhere?

  9. megs,
    you are excused!

    i might try the shower, it has a nice echo that makes everything sound better :)

    the seminar you are looking for is down the hall, third on the left!


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