Friday, 11 May 2012

eclecticism strikes again

since my promotion to housewife extraordinaire i have been doing the fruit and veg shopping at the major sydney markets, open to the public on a friday. i have searched the internet for a photo i could steal but my fave pics are unstealable so instead i'll recommend you take a tour with this blogger who i will now be bookmarking. the photos are more than atmospheric. 

at the markets today, after an absence of two weeks, i got a little carried away and came home with a lot of brightly coloured, anti-oxidant rich, sensual looking food. i have plans for slow cooked beetroot, pumpkin soup, ratatouille, fresh from the bowl mandarins, banana sandwiches on soft white bread  (white bread has it's uses) rocket salad and mushrooms in butter and garlic. and i'm excited about it all. in my imagination i am Nigella.

the baby whose birth i will attend as a trainee is due in under a week and all the major players agree that a saturday, pre-mothers day appearance would be nice. i'm not sure how the bairn would be feeling about that, i guess his compliance will be measured by whether or not i get a call  in the wee hours tonight.

tonight! i could be attending a birth tonight! or any day soon. it's scary and exciting all at once and i have had to review my mobile phone habits to be sure i am contactable. never more will i be able to say it wasnt charged, turned off,  left in the car, dropped under the bed or in any other kind of unoperational state. 

my very first ever solo client visit was yesterday and in the scheme of things i think i did a good job but i'm noticing that my filter needs some minor tweaks: i almost blurted out something scary about prolapsed cords, thankfully i caught that one and i could have been a little more finessed and eloquent on other matters......

life isnt a dress rehearsal though, is it?

have a brilliant weekend, all


  1. Those foods sounded incredible. I hope you get the call. I am sure that you are being harder on yourself after your first solo visit than you need.
    Have a great weekend (and I will have my fingers crossed that it includes a birth.

  2. How exciting! Hope everything goes well. That's the birth, the bedside manner, the recipes, the Nigella impersonation....

  3. My bet is after much procrastinating, when you finally decide what tight cardigan to wear (Nigella) to put your ravishing ingredients to use and the pans are sizzling seductively you will.. !! ha ha
    Fee xo

  4. Uhhh I thought you had kids? Nothing has changed between then and now except your position in the room eh? Or s it like because you're in the southern hemisphere everything is backwards and you lay in the birthing bed and the mother helps you do your breathing and stuff as she gives birth?

    Also I though you all ate Vegemite for all your vegetable needs? {:->[o}

  5. hey is that a NEW picture of you with a bowl of fruit

  6. Goodness, a tight cardigan with ravishing ingredients? This blog is getting a bit too racy for my liking....

  7. EC,
    no baby so far! but thats ok, with babies there is a guarantee that they will come :)

    i cant impersonate Nigella, i dont have the right accent :)

    that baby will come! its kinda like waiting on G to do something!

    walking man!
    you make me laugh :)

    a nice is always attractive!

    yep! thats me!

    this blog cannot possibly compare with your hotbed of intrigue for raciness ;)

  8. Do you mean to say that doulas aren't supposed to scream, "Oh, my God, you're going to die!" as they run from the room with their hands in the air?

  9. hahaaa snow! i see your pain doesnt impede your humour!


  10. I'm here from Snow's place. I'm glad you caught your comment before you spoke. In our minds, we speak freely, but there are few people who could withstand our bluntness.

  11. Hotbed of intrigue? The only intrigue chez nous is deciding to nip out to the shop for some high-calorie traybakes....


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