Sunday, 20 May 2012


well, i finally got my early hours call so i organised a couple of things and took off. without traffic the drive through the city was more pleasant than usual and i enjoyed the time just thinking about the possibilities in the  coming day.
the birth didnt go the way anyone would have hoped but i loved every minute. the mum was brave and strong, the dad was rock steady, my teacher inspiring to watch.
today two of us entered the world, one a wee tiny baby and the other was the re-invented kylie.

and no, this isnt them, i just googled the pic


  1. Well done on your first birth call! May there be many more.

    A re-invented Kylie indeed. Glad your new career is going so well.

    If that's a birth pic, what happened to the baby?

  2. hahaha you want a birth pic then?

    thanks nick!

  3. Welcome to the world, oh re-invented one. I am glad that it was a positive experience for you. The first of many.

  4. thanks EC!
    the most wonderful part is that i didnt see the baby but just helping the family was a wonderful thing to do :)

  5. Well, congratulations, Kylie! May all your parents be strong, brave, and rock steady.

  6. Hey there sweetie, glad you have come into your own with an enriching experience that is also your job, not too many people can honestly say that is the case !!
    Fee xo

  7. Is this what's called Born Again?

  8. What a wonderful experience to be a part of a the support team.
    In my working days I discovered it was a great pleasure to drive on unoccupied roads in the Wee hours en route to the telephone exchange that had a problem. Except when of course when suddenly "out of the blue" an ambulance and fire engine overtake you on a backroad!
    It was almost like the shock one gets when firearms are discharged without warning. Kylie being "born again" would make you a big deal in the USA!

  9. I think everyone who is privileged to witness a birth is reborn. The birth process produces such wonder at the whole messy miracle!

  10. Happy for you but that brought back a few unpleasant pangs

  11. I am so happy for you! By the way, I've only had two kids but I've learned that births NEVER go the way you want them to...just like kids NEVER do what you want them to do.


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