Thursday, 31 May 2012

Let me spin your eccentricities

My buddy Nick is over there at "Nick here and Now" asking about where to find the divide between "eccentric" and "normal" and apart from saying that normal is a cycle on a washing machine i thought i might analyse some of the things Nick and/or I might do that are viewed as eccentric:
  • coloured socks are flamboyant
  • unusual clothes are expressive
  • leanings to socialism show compassion and a sense of justice
  • vegetarianism is environmentally responsible and compassionate
  • feminism is the only way
  • disinterest in sport is a minor variation
  • unusual musical choices just say a person is an independent thinker
  • naturally greying hair is honest
  • interest in natural therapies is taking advantage of all the options
as far as i am concerned, displaying my eccentric or even lunatic side just gives other people permission to explore theirs. we are all be happier and healthier if we just relax about who we are.

i tell my kids i can spin anything, go on, tell me your eccentricities and i'll see what i can do?


  1. Very good. I can now see that I'm only a heartbeat away from normal and not in any way eccentric. I shall have to put you on a permanent retainer as my spin doctor.

    But lordy lordy, all my socks are black and so is my hair - I'm getting more normal by the day.

  2. Love your rainbow socks by the way. And your ubercool black shoes.

  3. A minor dissension
    Vegetarianism is not always environmentally responsible.
    Food miles eg transport of tropical fruit, veggies from Qld,
    North Qld especially is one case.

  4. nick,
    what are you paying?

    food miles and vegetarianism are not really the same issue. vegetarianism saves significant greenhouse emissions due to a more efficient energy transfer from vegetable to human instead of vegetable to livestock to human.

    food miles are accrued on all produce whether we are veggo or omnivore but i take your point.

  5. dad,
    i wouldnt know where to find figures on long distance transport versus meat eating, it becomes very complex but this link is quite interesting

  6. I am a poet. I am not a junkie, alcoholic depressed or suicidal. That makes me an eccentric in my circles.

  7. Mark, there are times when eccentricity is really good :)

  8. The walking man has a good point. The same applies to myself. Neither am I fat, addicted to junk food or keen on package holidays to Majorca. And I don't do the lottery. Oh dear, I think I need a quick word with my spin doctor to reestablish a normality overview.

  9. thin = healthy
    no lotteries mean you get to waste money on nicer frivolities (mine's coffee)
    no package majorca trips = holidays
    to the land down under to meet down under friends. hang on....that sounds wrong?

  10. In mechanical engineering there are certain cams that are eccentric !

  11. hahaha baino! you want me to spin that????

  12. I love hats. LOVE hats. I have hats. I refuse to wear hats. I look like a bug peeking out from under a rock.

    Fix me.

  13. lotta joy,
    being a collector (of hats) isnt eccentric at all, everyone needs a hobby!

    i love hats and i look better in them but who wears hats? the young things manage to pull it off but not me


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