Thursday, 7 June 2012

it's thursday

it was very remiss of me, i announced to facebook that i had finished my doula studies but not here!
well, i am now announcing that i am a doula and ready to work. oh boy am i ready to work. unemployment is getting tiresome, being totally dependent has got tiresome.
i want an income and i want to be doing something useful and i want to test my skills.

i will be contracting for my teacher so hopefully she will soon  be in touch with some potential client/s.

in the meantime, i continue to visit the detention centre. i never knew i great number of people there but now i only know two, everyone else has gone on to "community detention". it's not total freedom but it's getting closer.

the backyard is carpeted in the neighbour's autumn leaves and they look so pretty but not so much on the carpet.

i've been toying for a while with the idea of getting my hair relaxed (ie chemically de-frizzed) but it's pretty pricey and the chemicals are not pleasant so i saw this idea of naturally relaxing insane curls with coconut oil and yoghurt.
i gave it a try this week and i'm here to tell you to leave the yoghurt out, it doesnt mix in and it gets curdled looking and weird. it seems to have made o difference though, i think i'm a bit less frizzy :)

i dont know where this blog is headed these days but thanks for sticking with me and have some fun, eh?


  1. Congratulations on your achievement of douladom. And for continuing to visit the detention centre. I am so glad that we are moving more people out of it.

  2. thanks EC!
    they released over 90 people from curtin this week :)

    hi bob!
    can you believe i am still saying hi bob after all these years?

  3. So I should get pregnant and give you a call now? Oh should I leave the yogurt out of my beard or will it work better of it's goat yogurt seeing as i am an old goat?

  4. Good luck with finding the clients. I'm sure there are plenty out there!

    Hey, Kylie, don't get your hair "relaxed", it's just fine as it is. Funny how people with curly hair so often want to straighten it and vice versa.

  5. I wnted to participate in Get Up's community detention program but I live with my brother who wont have a bar of it....try keratin relaxing. I had my hair chemically straightened once and it began to fall out..or just use Marroccan Oil to relax it a little

  6. Congratulations on finishing up your studies! I do indeed wish you well in finding employment. I know you will be wonderful!


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