Saturday, 14 July 2012


for those of you who have encouraged me to keep blogging this is probably not the post you expected to see but i found myself in an horrific moment (of my own making) and i decided that it would be better shared here than at that blue place which i shall not name.

after many many many years of resistance to the utter ease and total convenience of the cup noodle i, just now, found myself succumbing.

there are usually bagged 2 minute noodles in the house, not for their nutritional value or gastronomic splendour but because the kids and husband quite like them at odd moments.

two minute noodles are not ideal, admittedly but i absolutely drew the line at cup noodles, in those horrendous styrene cups.

and then my daughter wanted to take noodles to school in the cold weather. cup noodles work best there so i bought them. then hubby wanted to take noodles to work. cup noodles were still the best away-from-home option.

my foot was on the slippery slope. my son wanted to eat, the (cup) noodles were in the cupboard, the idea of putting noodles in a bowl and pouring boiling water over was daunting, the idea of pulling the lid off a styrene cup and pouring boiling water over was more enticing. the deal was sealed and the guilt will remain forever.

and that little bit of fluff was so much more fun to write than the alternative:

*gasp* to my great shame i just made cup noodles :(


  1. WOW, Kylie, this is the most funny, poignant, liberal, inspirational, sad, educational, erudite, profound, and conservative post I've ever read. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving blogging one final try before retiring. Now that you see what a resounding success you are, maybe you'll keep doing it...maybe...please?

  2. Good grief, what shameless proletarianism. Takes me back to the seventies when I used to eat instant Vesta curries.

  3. snow!!!
    i am literally laughing out loud, you funny old git!!!
    have you noticed that there are some contradictions in your comment? you might want to edit some more.

    who would have thought, eh? kylie in the proletariat?
    honestly, those foam cups are are disgrace to humanity!

  4. Gasp ! What other culinary delights can people own up to ? Frozen crap chucked in the oven when you have no time or lack of effort..Pre-prepared meals from supermarket's one for you : cup-of-soup !!
    Ha-ha , Fee xo

  5. Gordon Ramsay,

    Eat your little heart out.
    This effort is the antecedent of McDonalds too.

    Imagine this on master chef!

  6. That's it...we can't be friends any more. Instant noodles are bad enough, that little sachet of MSG horrible but now you've gone and used a plastic cup....shame, shame, shame....I am making noodles with my pasta maker, delivery truck should be there Thursday.

  7. This can't be the only appalling culinary faux pas you're guilty of. There must be a long queue of similar debacles that you're hoping we'll never discover. Why not make a clean breast of it and get rid of that painful burden once and for all?

  8. fee,
    you wouldnt do such things, would you?
    i have never stooped quite so low as the cup of soup. i think i would be sick :)

    i would need considerable improvement to make it to masterchef. i have already perfected the tantrum tho, and occaisional public crying

    get thee from me! show off!

    i cant think of any more, truly! all my other cooking is gourmet

  9. Kia ora Kylie, Up in the hills I often have a few packs of two minute noodles, and after 4-5 days and being hungry they taste pretty good! As to your prior post I think we all get to a point when we feel there ain't much left to write, only to find at some stage there is. Nothing wrong with stepping back for a bit, or finding a change of direction. I always enjoy my stops here, even if the frequency lessens. Enjoy every noodle e hoa :). Kia kaha.

  10. I came back and read this, and only now do I see it that it could be taken as a metaphor for a lot about life.

  11. I'm back again, and only now realize that this isn't a metaphor about life at all. It's just a story about noodles in a cup. How the hell could I get noodles in a cup mixed up with life? I don't know. I just know I'm prone to that kind of thing. One day, I watched a dog barf on the carpet, and I thought that THAT was a metaphor about life, and then, like with your cup-o-soup, I later realized that, no, it was just dog barf, so I stopped sitting there looking at it, got out some paper towels and some carpet spray, and cleaned it up.


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