Friday, 6 July 2012

never say never but i think this blog has had it's run.
i'm activating comment moderation so you can treat the comment box like email, i would love you to say hello.
blogging has been a wonderful thing for me and i thank everyone who has visited here in these last few years.


  1. Well at least you're on Facebook. Don't say never, I post on mine once in a while,

  2. Kylie,
    I'm sure this blog has been of great benefit and inspiration to quite a few folk. It must have been since it resulted in a motivation for your trip to the USA.
    There are many competing influences to the blog medium "out there" not the least being in your Facebook! All up I believe you provided a forum for serious discussion. In the main a trivial world munches its way through "good stuff".. Well done

  3. Oh, that's a shame but still, if your heart isn't in it any more....

    I shall have to look at your Facebook updates a bit more frequently than I do.

  4. Post or not, it's good, you've been a good read, and i think I'll just keep you on the blog roll Kylie. That way when you get around to it I'll see you have something to say.

  5. I have enjoyed reading your blog Kylie, you write beautifully and provoke a lot of thought on interesting topics, some of which we are too caught up in our own lives to stop and think about..
    As long as I can still get to you somehow !
    Fee xo

  6. helen,
    you never know, i just might post again!

    thank you!
    i love & hate facebook but in this case i dont think it is at fault.

    my heart is in it! but inspiration is thin on the ground

    hi bob!

    i would love you to do that!

    thank you!

  7. how am i going to learn about anal fissures if you stop blooooging<><>i don't do face crap or twitter tatter or or or or

  8. well putzy,
    idont think anal fissures are high on your learning list!

    but i appreciate your sentiments :)

  9. Leave it up, you'll be back now and then, I bet.

    But I agree, blogger seems to have had its day...

  10. Well, Kylie, this is a shock, and I'm exceedingly sorry to hear it. I suppose I could have seen it coming due to your sensitivity about comments, but I'm still disappointed. Did you read my post "A sensitive boy"? I relate to so much of what you feel, but I've also learned that, when you speak your truth, you will find support. I just wish you would have another go at blogging, and take the approach that you're going to lay your truth out there as brazen as anything.

  11. i think i have laid all my truth out here, snow!

    i could start writing lots of doula type stuff but theres a billion of those blogs out there and to be honest, although i love the job, i dont want to be totally defined by it, not even in my online identity

    thanks for your encouragement though, and i doubt i can entirely give up but i thought a good break might refresh me?

    blah's all a work in progress!


  12. So, then, I can but hold my breath and hope that the sun in the photo is a rising sun, and that the years through which you will blog have barely begun. You would have been very, very missed.

  13. thanks snow!
    i blog so much less these days but i still love it when i have something to say


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