Wednesday, 28 August 2013

goodwill, hot dogs & baklava

liam and i went for a little excursion on monday, the original aim was a hunt for a pair of vintage brogues, the shoe of choice for my impoverished student. i would prefer him to be wearing anything at all, so long as he had bought it about six months ago but i dont get to choose, i just get to wait and see him sort out his wardrobe in his own time.
we went to a huge salvos (goodwill) store and i informed the man child that he was about to be educated.
educated he was, there were a few nice bits & pieces but the place is essentially a shrine to junk, an emporium of things people didnt have to heart to throw in the bin.
liam met, for the first time, the old hallway classic, the phone table with seat.

we browsed the LPs and tried on suit jackets and laughed at the dining chairs better than our own.
there was a man seated in a couch, writing notes and reading just as if he was sat in his own lounge room at home, seemingly very comfortable.
eventually, other peoples dust became overwhelming so we decided to go and have lunch at a sydney institution: Harry's Cafe de Wheels
after sitting in the sun and enjoying the diesel fumes & scenic trucks of the princes highway we dropped by the lebanese sweet shop for baklava on the way home.
we never got the brogues, it seems that vintage mens shoes are hard to come by.


  1. That baklava has my mouth watering. Drat you.
    And have you noticed how expensive V de P and the Sallies are getting?

  2. I was shocked at the prices, to be honest. There was very average 2nd hand furniture priced near it's new value but maybe I dont have the right eye for the quality finds?

  3. Most people have a life long commitment to their Doc Martens.

    You could share that baklava though, that is a timeless desire that is meant for giving away.

  4. If the size is standard, you can get them online.

  5. For the first time in my life I hear myself saying: "That sausage is a work of art". Trouble with art: You don't want to eat it. Particularly after you have already paid for it.

    Should you ever need a frame let me know. I've got plenty. In fact I have one which is so beautiful in its own right I have hung it on the wall - empty.


  6. The phone table with seat is probably a retro classic in the UK, worth hundreds of pounds. As long as you haven't ruined the seat with spilt baklava....

    I'm sure the brogues will materialise when the time is right....

  7. You might have not accomplished your goal but it looks and sounds like you a great afternoon with your man child. The food looked amazing. Take care Kylie.


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