Wednesday, 8 January 2014

ten things

there seems to be a slow moving meme happening on facebook where people list ten aims for the new year.
lets see what i come up with:

  1. i have two births to attend this year. lets hope i fulfil my aim to make those mums feel nurtured and supported as well as prepared for motherhood. i would also like to add a few more births to the list.
  2. do a cheesemaking course
  3. usher, cajole and support another child through the HSC
  4. teach the same child to drive
  5. cultivate one or two new habits toward health
  6. less facebooking, more reading
  7. leave my comfort zone regularly
  8. watch more movies
  9. drive a clean car
  10. carpe diem
Your shoes shall be iron and brass; and as your days, so shall your strength be.


  1. No aims here. I hope to muddle through.
    Good luck with all of yours - though I suspect some are not optional. You WILL support child through the HSC (or drown) and you will teach that child to drive.

  2. hi EC,
    i need to get off my butt with the driving thing! his brother was keen and would hassle me but this one is nervous and happy not to drive yet so i have saved myself the bother. sooner or later that strategy will surely backfire.
    i expect i will get through his HSC with more hair intact than than i did with his brother so it could be all swings and roundabouts.

  3. Very good list Kylie, that should keep you busy! Good to hear that you are actually helping women in childbirth- last time I checked in, this was still something you were working towards.
    I haven't listed my plans is a good thing to do- otherwise life just hurtles along on the same track- that is how it feels to me anyway.

  4. I don't see travel to the States anywhere on that list :(

  5. Off topic here, but I don't know whether you subscribe to follow up comments. Jazz has a home for life. There is nothing he could do which would give him his marching orders.

  6. hi EC,
    i dont subscribe but i always come back! i knew you would give a life long home, just wish more people would think that way.

  7. bob,
    see how i went to tasmania on a weeks notice? thats how i roll so i could be stateside any day :)

  8. cinnamon,
    it has been a long road to actively doula-ing but i'm getting there :)

    life hurtles along, indeed. it's hard to see the wood for the trees, sometimes.

  9. Some of your aims are specific and can therefore be checked off the list, but others are vague or general and would therefore be hard to check-off. I just thought that I would offer this as a useful observation.

  10. snow,
    it is true that i have broken all the rules of achievable goal setting and that is ok by me. the ones that can be checked off will be achievement enough.


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