Thursday, 13 February 2014

going along

my aims for the year, despite being vague are coming along not too badly.
it would be unseemly of me to say too much but i attended a birth earlier this week, my first paid one, finally! a healthy baby born with a minimum of fuss at a most convenient time of day. i was happy enough with my role in proceedings, there were things i might have done differently but the thing about birth is that they are all different and there are no second chances.all up it was a good day.
 i took the kids on a five day trip to tasmania in january. i regularly have some difficulty getting them all to get out of bed and dressed to face the day, they prefer to loll about in pyjamas while my blood pressure rises and it was no different away from home so my blood pressure was skyrocketing much more quickly with new places to explore. there were a couple of frustrated tantrums from me but altogether we had a marvellous time. there was fish & chips on constitution dock, best in the world vanilla slice at Ross and a cornucopia of beautiful things at Salamanca markets. we also visited a number of historic sites which i really enjoyed although the girls claim that they hope never to see another historic site. ever.
i went to the cinema this week on cheap tuesday and saw "The Book Thief" which i liked a lot and i have started an online course about acupressure and the philosophy of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) as related to pregnancy and birth. it is a short course of about 10 hours and i can see that i am barely even scratching the surface. to really understand the intricacies of TCM must be a lifetime's pursuit, almost a spiritual practice. or maybe i am overstating, suffice to say that it is fascinating but complicated!
my yen to drive a clean car, or as i should put it: drive a clean car more often, is going along not too badly. i suppose i am behind the times but i have discovered the automated car wash, available for just eight or ten dollars and taking only five minutes, so much easier than lugging buckets. i think i love automated car washes! of course the freshly washed car brings rain effect still applies so i still drive a rain specked car and the local fruit bats still leave their legacy on a car parked under a flowering tree ........
perfection is unattainable, isnt it?
talking of cars, the weather is way too hot to be sitting in a hot car with an irritable learner driver and sweat dripping down my back so the driving lessons will have to resume when the weather changes, there's only so much i can take!
just a random closing thought: have you noticed how many bloggers define themselves by their location?


  1. How wonderful that you have finally had your first paid birth. Badly expressed but I hope you know what I mean.
    The Salamanca markets are a joy - and I was fascinated by a nearby park which still had old tombstones in place. 'Killed by a blow from a whale' was surprisingly common.
    Roll on autumnal weather. It can't come soon enough for me.

  2. EC!
    i didnt go to that park, it sounds like it should go on the list for "next time" :)
    at Richmond Gaol and at The Female Factory there were lists of child deaths, most of the causes were things i havent heard of and i was going to look them up when i got home but i couldnt remember the names! duh

  3. Good lord you guy aren't even having fall weather yet? That bodes evil for the north. Get a look at The Great Lakes from Google Earth 90% frozen.

    I found the best way to take the kids on vacation is levee them home with no food or money, you only have to do it once and then they'll go anywhere you want.

  4. Congratulations. I am delighted for you.

  5. mark,
    i am sure you are mistaken about the weather. anything that could remotely resemble the effects of global warming is merely an illusion!
    good idea with the kids, i must check with you next time i have some kind of project....


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