Friday, 2 May 2014

enforced insomnia

i had a very strange night. during the evening i hummed and haa-ed about whether we had enough bread here for todays lunches and even tho we didnt really (have enough) i didnt want to end up with half a loaf uneaten and slowly moulding in the bread box so i decided against making more.
i went to bed and slept a while until i couldn't sleep. i lay there fussing and wriggling until i decided i would get up for a drink. it was then (4am) that i realised there was just enough time to cook a loaf and make sandwiches before everyone needed to be out the door so at four this morning i put a bread mix in the machine and went back to bed.
it was not long after that a rogue phone alarm went off. i couldn't find the culprit before it stopped so i grabbed the only phone i could see and not knowing the security code for it, i put it outside on the deck: hopefully out of earshot. i checked the timer on the breadmaker and realised that in the dark i had set it to make a dark loaf and it wouldnt cook in time for the sandwiches. rats. now i would definitely have a loaf of useless bread all fresh and crunchy just after everyone left the house!
back in bed the rogue alarm sounded again and the bread maker started it's mechanical kneading. i got up again and closed every door i could think of, hoping it would be enough.
it was. i slept until it was almost time to farewell the early risers. i waited for the bathroom as i do every. single. day. no matter what time i want it.
in the daylight i found the rogue alarming phone and there was fresh, yummy smelling bread, right after everyone left.


  1. Sadly insomnia has been getting me up before 4 for a while now. And I should use it to do something productive like make bread.
    I loved thinking of you having fresh, just baked goodness to (re)start your day.

  2. Change some details and you could have written the story of my life as it happens quite often during early morning chores.

  3. EC,
    i rarely have trouble sleeping and i'm usually happy to just think or zone out but i was so wide awake....

    what do you do when you are up at sparrows?

  4. rummy,
    i picture you as rather less chaotic!

  5. Mostly I read. Or undertake quiet domestic duties which won't wake up my partner...

  6. I haven't slept as late as 7am in almost 35 years. If it is a constant you adapt to being quiet as you move about the homestead, doing things you'd rather have done at noon or later. Nap Nap! I say the day is always ripe for a NAP!

    Hasten quickly now, send me that loaf, I assure not a crumb will waste or to sparrows go.

  7. i would gladly send the loaf, Mark :)
    i always wrap it in a tea towel and it feels like such a nurturing act, i always wonder who might like to be given a loaf

  8. I'm sorry you didn't get more sleep.

    Why not keep the bread in the refrigerator or even freeze it if you have the room?

  9. Kia ora Kylie,
    “All sorrows are less with bread. ”
    ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
    Kia kaha e hoa...

  10. Snow,
    i do ok for sleep so a peaceful wakeful night once in a while is ok.

    why dont i refrigerate or freeze the bread? once it is out of sight nobody will eat it and with six people in the house it really shouldnt last long on the bench so i leave it in sight. sometimes it works and sometimes not :)

  11. Robb,
    thats a great quote!

    Mā te Atua e manaaki

  12. "why dont i refrigerate or freeze the bread? once it is out of sight nobody will eat it"

    Ha! If your family gets fat, all you will have to do is put all the food in the fridge, and they'll lose weight fast.


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