Monday, 29 December 2014

Mr Turner

This is my facebook status from this evening:

"took the girls to the movies this arvo, forgot to get the parking ticket validated, dropped a brand new Christmas present lip balm in the cinema, clutch bearing burnt out with the car stuck in first gear, managed to get out of the traffic with blue smoke billowing, waited a merciful 45 minutes for a tow and got home way too late to cook the chicken schnitzels i planned for dinner. I was pretty bummed and then briony mentions a school friend broke her back in a car accident last week. I guess I'm good"

I AM grateful for a life that is mostly very privileged, easy and blessed with good health and every day i remember that lots of people have things far worse but this IS a blow and a huge inconvenience.

On the upside, Mr Turner was a pretty good film. It's a biography so in a sense it lacks dramatic tension but still an interesting look at a weird character. I loved the look of the film, it was like being dropped into an oil painting which is fitting because Mr Turner was an acclaimed artist. He is probably still famous but I am a philistine.


  1. ...and in the end when counting up the reckoning of paucity and fortune, you Kylie may count yourself among the most fortunate of all for the love you have given and recieved and the life you lead.

  2. Oh yes, gratitude is a gift which keeps on giving. And giving. I am a firm believer in 'give us this day our daily whinge' but then I move on.
    Mind you, your day is certainly deserving of a paddle in the pity pool - sooooo frustrating and inconvenient.
    My heart goes out to your daughter's friend. And her family.

  3. EC
    I am paddling just a little!
    Apparently the girl is leaving hospital today so she must be better than I first imagined but still a very difficult time for them with possible ongoing problems

  4. Paddling is fine. Wallows are a different matter. Good news that she is able to leave hospital - but still some worrying times ahead.

  5. You already know what I think of all that happened!

  6. Ramana,
    I do! i'm not sure that i want to burn bad karma if thats how it goes :)

  7. It's easy to forget just how privileged some of us are as we sip our lattes, nibble our muffins and crank up the heating or the aircon. The gap between the privileged and the deprived seems to get wider and wider by the day.

    I'm not a great fan of William Turner, but plenty of people are. He's still famous and his paintings go for huge sums. One went for £30 million just a few weeks back.

  8. nick,
    i am privileged because i believe that i am. i seriously doubt that i would make it on any other measure.

    i'm sure william turner has a level of fame that will allow his paintings to become ever more valuable (or expensive)

  9. Ooh, broke her back! When I broke mine, some people assumed that I would never want to climb a ladder again, but I said, well, when people break their backs in cars, they still want to drive, so what's the difference. People need cars to go places, and I need ladders to do my work.

  10. i cant fault your logic, snow!

  11. "i cant fault your logic, snow!"

    Obviously, it is true that great minds think alike.

  12. "cant fault your logic, snow!"

    I'll remind you of this the next time we disagree.

  13. snow,
    i dont know where your "great minds think alike" comment went. i liked that one better :)

  14. i must have deleted it rather than post it. gah


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