Monday, 22 December 2014

#lettherebelight #illridewithyou

I have two clients waiting for their babies to arrive and while I observe and support them I am also considering the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago, the story of Christmas.
A mother nearing the end of pregnancy is usually not sleeping well, she is uncomfortable and anxious to meet her little one. She is probably a little afraid of what labour will bring and there tends to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster happening. The more spiritually inclined of birth workers acknowledge this stage as an important transition, something to be treated with patience and respect. One birth planning guide I use suggests that when a woman has finished planning everything related to her birth and baby she should hold a mother blessing as a ceremonial marker of the transition from thinking and planning (birth, nursery, support networks etc) to being  (a mother).
The birth of baby Jesus was a long time ago but Christmas is still a relevant cultural prompt, calling us to be still for a moment, maybe make a spiritual transition and consider our being. 
This year, Australians have a heightened sense of the worldwide need for "light" which can describe so many divine qualities: joy, peace, hope, compassion, patience, forgiveness and love.

This Christmas, I hope that all of you can find ways to experience some light and be some light.

Blessings to you all
Kylie xo


  1. Thank you - and to you. Now and always.
    And wasn't #illridewithyou a wonderful initiative?

  2. It was! I firmly believe in the goodness of humanity, its just that sometimes we need a major event for us to open our eyes and see it.

    Happy Christmas to you and your smaller portion, EC :)

  3. I've read that Jesus was most likely born in 4 B.C., so this would be his 2,000 and 18th birthday had he been born in December, which he probably was not, the holiday being appropriated long afterwards from older Solstice celebrations. My understanding is that he was most likely born in the Spring, although I don't remember how that time was arrived at.

    "The more spiritually inclined of birth workers acknowledge this stage as an important transition, something to be treated with patience and respect."

    Oh, I don't know. Peggy is an atheist, yet I think she probably realized that patience and respect are important in the birthing process.

  4. Snow,
    I am aware that the timing of Christmas is not exactly accurate, i am one of those people who thinks 18 years is irrelevant in the context of 2000.

    When I talked about spiritual birth workers I was mostly thinking of the new age types who seem to proliferate and who are more likely to verbalise these kinds of ideas. I am sure that Peggy is deeply attuned to the needs of pregnancy and birth, this is where there is a blurring of spirituality/ emotion/ ceremony so the language might not suit you but I hope the sentiment does.

    Blessings on you today and every day!

  5. I'll Ride With You sounded like a great initiative, but I'm wondering how many people have actually been accompanied after all the good intentions? Hopefully quite a few.

    Christmas blessings to you too, Kylie. Have a good one!

  6. Same to you Kylie I send you best wishes that the most you want be the least that you get.

  7. Thank you Ramana! Thats a lovely sentiment


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