Monday, 8 June 2015

Cockneys, Zombies and gay Greek boys

The last few days have been the Queen's Birthday long weekend here in NSW and I was keen to mark the occasion, not because I have any huge love of the queen but because I have a tendency to feel forever chained to some kind of work. It's part and parcel of being self employed and on call, not to mention the ever present nature of household duties.
Our national multicultural broadcaster, SBS, has an online collection of 600 free movies which I decided to take advantage of and managed to see two interesting films.
On Saturday night Keaghan and I decided to watch something together, I was keen to watch some kind of light romantic froth and Keaghan was more interested in something with explosions so we settled on "Cockneys Vs Zombies". We spent the first half of the film wondering what on earth we were thinking of, I was quite certain Keaghan would never watch a movie with me again but it worked out to be perfect long weekend fare: There were gritty London locations, rhyming slang, zombies, romance, a hot girl for good measure, a red double decker bus and a zombie blasting hero with a gun.
Today I chose "Head On", a 1990s Australian film about a young, gay man from a Greek migrant family. He was easy on the eye but not much else about the film was easy. I don't pretend to know what it was like to be a closeted gay man in that situation but the film rang true in all the areas I am familiar with so I have to assume it was a good representation of the experience. There was a lot of mostly violent, anonymous sex and drug taking as well as some very believable, utterly brutal  gay/ trans phobia.
I liked the film very much but it's truth is disturbing.

In between my movie watching I spent a glorious winters afternoon in Coogee, with great food, Liam's wonderful company and spotting locations from a favourite TV show.

The queen should have more birthdays.


  1. How nice that you got some 'down time'. And even better that you enjoyed it.

  2. Being retired, I am on one long, unending weekend and can see as many movies as I want at home or at the theaters and simply order online for films on DVDs if downloads are not available. I have been seeing a lot of old Hindi and Tamil films which I had not seen during my busy days but since they are of no interest to my readers, I don't review them. Nice way to spend time at low cost.

  3. EC
    I need to make more effort!

    it really is a cheap way to spend time!


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