Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Today I picked up the young Tiger for his long awaited trip to the movies. The weather was sunny with great gusts of wind so the cinema was a good place to be.
Tiger quickly requested a large popcorn. We got a medium. The usher was just finishing up with cleaning when we went into the empty cinema and the young fella thought we were having a private showing. He was a little irritated at the long, ten minute, wait for the movie to start and expressed some reservations about a "rude" underwear advertisement. He also thought I should have taken him to see "Pixels" because "it's so cool"

Eventually "Oddball" started. It is a true story adapted to become a children's film and tells the tale of a colony of fairy penguins decimated by fox attack. A local chicken farmer suggested using his sheepdog as a guardian to the penguins and several years on, there are still dogs patrolling the colony.

The real life success of the idea is wonderful and I was completely delighted by the film. The dog was gorgeous, the costumes and scenery appealed to me and I even noticed the music (unusual for me).

A  bit of quick googling has revealed that the film is not so well received by the critics. Oh well, I don't mind admitting that I loved it as a bit of sweet, nostalgic diversion and my hard to please young companion was rivetted.

Find the full story here


  1. Reviewers? Pah. They have their own agenda.
    The important thing is that you and young Tiger loved it.

  2. I expect it will make a few dollars from people just like me!

  3. Popcorn? Why do people always have to stuff their faces? It's a mystery to me.


  4. Ursula,
    All of my nieces and nephews think popcorn at the movies is mandatory. having four kids made the cinema quite pricey for me so my own kids have no such expectation.
    I have a dreadful habit of nibbling at whatever is within sight, whenever I walk past it but i have never found it necessary to eat while watching tv and thank heaven i dont

  5. The movie has not been released here and the DVD is not yet released. I will see it either on screen or DVD when it is. I will also share it with my grand nephews and nieces if it is on DVD that I see it.

  6. I frequently disagree with the critics' opinions of a film. Once one critic gets a down on something, most of the others seem to follow suit. Then surprise surprise, it takes millions at the box office.

    Very heart-warming that the fairy penguins were protected from further slaughter.

    A "rude" underwear advert? I wonder what was so rude about it.

  7. Ramana,
    I'm guessing it will take a little while before you can get hold of it. If you do get to see it, I will be interested to know whether it is so well received in other parts of the world.
    The grand-nephews and nieces should enjoy it.

  8. Nick,
    It's like a literature vs best seller situation, right?

    I think they very fact that there was underwear was shocking. The child wasnt raised in my anything goes house! Sometimes these things happen and i get a glimpse of just how "different" things are here

  9. I do not listen to reviewers, ever. I like to bring a small bag of M&Ms to the movie and have a coke or water in my purse.


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