Monday, 21 September 2015

Beverly Hills Twin


In the last holidays I took two of my nieces to see "Inside Out". My nephew was most unimpressed about it being a girls only event (it was an age based decision but he was unconvinced) and so I have promised I will take him when something suitable comes up. "Oddball" might be just the thing.

I will almost certainly take him to the local cinema, which I have been going to all of my life. My first  date with my husband was at the old "Beverly Hills Twin". The twin cinema became quite delapidated and was popular as a budget movie experience, then the place was closed for a couple of years while developers revamped it to a six screen. 
In the middle of a restaurant strip, it is a busy place to go in an evening but I often choose a cheap Tuesday morning showing. One bleak Tuesday I went to see a film and ended up evacuated abruptly because of a popcorn fire.
I wonder how my nephew will remember the place in 30+ years time.


  1. He will no doubt reminisce to his nephew just as you now do.

  2. I hope so! If it doesn't get knocked down to make way for a mall

  3. I went to the movies for the first time in an eternity in January and was amazed at how LOUD they are. When did that happen?

  4. EC
    sometimes it's really loud and sometimes it seems less noticeable but yea, it's been the case for quite some time.

  5. Oh lord, Kylie--all the old, really old farts who went to the same school as I did can't stop going on and on about the theater for 25 cents, or the soda fountain--Jaysus I want to throttle them--they have whitewashed their memories of 50-60 years ago. Hopefully your nephew will remember the place as the one where he stole his first kiss but not what was on the screen.

  6. Mark,
    That's a worthy aim :)

    And yes, the soda fountain and the cheap tickets must be great memories but most of us wouldn't actually enjoy a visit to the past.


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