Friday, 4 September 2015

Spring has sprung

This evening I decided to take you for a stroll through our "garden". We have little highlights throughout the year but the springtime view from the porch is probably my favourite. It lasts just a couple of weeks before the flowers go brown.

Seaside daisy flowers all year and spreads everywhere.

This grevillea has enormous flowers which attract a few varieties of bird.

Feathery grass by the steps. I like the colours of this one.

Another grevillea.

Not well focussed but isn't it good how the wattle and the freesias match? 

The nasturtium under the clothesline seems to be taking over the backyard. I thought it would be good to use in salads but I think the leaves are a bit tough for that. A couple of people mentioned putting it in sandwiches, which I have never heard of. I guess homegrown nasturtiums were replaced by fancy schmancy lettuce.

Birdlife on the driveway.

Life around here is slow but fast at the moment. The girls graduate high school in just a few days time, business is slow, money is tight and the chores seem to be endless. At least there are flowers.


  1. I see what you mean about the nasturtiums taking over the yard! We had masses of nasturtiums in our previous garden and they were spreading like crazy as well.

    I don't think I've seen a grevillea before. The coloured ones are lovely.

    I hope business perks up a bit!

  2. “Spring has sprung.” I wish that were true here. I’ve never heard of a grevillea. Here, nasturtiums are also known as Miner's Lettuce, so I suppose they might be edible, although I've never looked into it.

  3. And it's almost time for the leaves to start turning colors and falling off the trees. All things considered, I'd rather have Spring!

  4. Loving your garden. I don't think I have ever seen a grevillea with flowers quie that large. A stunner I will have to investigate.
    Good luck on the busy life front - love your respite in the garden.

  5. Nick,
    Grevilleas are an Australian native plant, though of course these have been bred to be a lot more spectacular than the originals.
    They say things happen when they are meant to so I suspect my world domination, business wise, is not far off.

    Nasturtium is very definitely edible and has a peppery flavour.
    Grevilleas were very popular in gardens a few years back (well probably twenty years) and because they attract lots of large, aggressive birds, the small birds have become much rarer. These days we are encouraged to plant spiky, dense shrubs for small birds to hide and nest in.

  6. Bob,
    Knowing how freezing and how long your winters are, I would be facing fall with dread! Having said that, we dont really have fall colour here so that would be nice.

    I knew the name of that grevillea when we put it there but not any more :)
    Enjoy your weekend

  7. Lovely. I wish that I could be there to feel and smell them.

  8. Ramana,
    I'm sure that would be wonderful!

  9. It would seem as if someone ripped out the spring and fall pages from our Michigan calendar.

  10. Mark,
    I have surmised that season changes in the US are more distinct than they are here but I didnt expect some to be "missing"

    I bet summer is extremely short, too?

  11. Thank goodness for flowers. Yours are beautiful.
    Congrats on the girls graduating.

  12. Hello Sandra and welcome!
    Flowers are one of my greatest joys


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