Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cross cultural festivities

What a funny Christmas season I am having!
For a couple of months now hubby has been working to maximise the Feng Shui potential of our house. Some old carpet has been pulled up but the underlay is left. The carpet and underlay is old enough to date from a time when natural fibres ruled so we wander about on hessian (or whatever it is) and get fibres stuck in our socks. Clocks, charms and fountains have been placed in odd corners of the house and just days out from Christmas the kids have been given odd assortments of gold chains and coins and piggy banks to maximise their good energy.

The Christmas tree died last year so we made festive paper chains instead,
Meanwhile the fridge seems to be on it's last gasp, and I never can be certain that anything I pull out of it will be usable so Christmas food shopping has to wait for the very last minute when the shops will be unbearable.
The weather has been sweltering and I missed a rare and valuable night of night nannying work because I managed to get myself heatstroke. It was a brand new client who says she will call again but that remains to be seen.
One day it will all make a funny story, I'm sure.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas, with loads of good energy, however you manage to manifest it.


  1. A very happy Christmas to you and yours.
    I hope love and laughter are constants in your world.

  2. EC,
    Love & laughter are pretty constant here, unfortunately so are frustrations and odd priorities. Just gotta try focussing on the right part.


  3. Greetings and best wishes for a happy christmas and a great new year for you and your family.

  4. So have you noticed any benefits from the two months of Feng Shui rearrangements? Has a transcendental calm descended on one and all?

    Paper chains - that takes me back. I remember as a child licking dozens and dozens of strips of paper. Not many people would both with all that nowadays, I guess.

    Happy Christmas!

  5. I'm sorry about your refrigerator and your tree, but why not get an artificial tree to spare the death agony of a real tree?

    I'm just going to stay home and yell nasty things out the window at happy families that are taking their post-dinner walk.

  6. Ramana,
    Thank you!

    We stapled the papers and I dont notice any difference with the Feng Shui but it isn't finished so some of us can live in hope.

    Apologies for my vernacular: the tree that "died" was artificial. I'm not really inclined to replace it.
    Your yelling plan sounds like a bit of a story to me :)

  7. "the tree that "died" was artificial."

    The metaphysical implications are enormous. To start with, do artificial trees go to heaven--if they were good that is? We’ve had the same artificial tree since 1989, and it’s still looking good. I had wanted one for years because it saddened me to make a being that was slowly dying of starvation and the absence of sunlight into the centerpiece of a joyous season. Peggy assured me that Xmas trees were only too happy and flattered to have been chosen, but I frankly didn’t believe her, but I’m quite sure that they weren’t happy to be honored one day, stripped of their decorations, and tossed out by the curb the next.

  8. The other big question is: If the "dead" artificial tree is still the garage, can I get in trouble about it's interment (or lack thereof)?

  9. Hope your holidays have been filled with fun laughter and a little feng shui!

    I managed to pull a terrible looking artificial tree from the storage shed. It had huge gaps where limbs had broken so I stuffed those with shiny stuff and just acted like it was intact when I decorated it. Believe it or not it really turned into a pretty tree and gave some glow to a dark corner of the dining room

  10. Anne,
    I was happy not to have to decorate a tree!
    I'm glad yours was pretty

  11. Frugal in the valley,
    Thanks for dropping by!
    The chains only cost a couple of dollars and they will be recyclable so thats a win :)

  12. Happy New year old bean , hoping 2016 will be a cracker xxxxxxx

  13. Hi Kylie.... I'll send some cool weather your way.

  14. Hey Bob,
    We had a month's rain in four days this week, it was a lovely comfortable temperature. Now to wait for the mosquito population explosion :(

  15. Snow,
    I wrote a post, such as it is



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