Monday, 14 December 2015

swan lake

This weekend just past I was invited to stay at a friends weekender on the south coast. After doing some chores I took off with the girls, anticipating a three hour drive.
On the way we were delayed just a little when a 4WD rolled just cars in front of us. My friend A, on the other hand, arrived in the area after the road was closed. She finally got through the detour only to be stopped by a bush fire which was not there when we had passed through not long before. Only a few minutes difference in our departure times made all the difference to our on-road experience!
While poor A was neck deep in traffic we wandered by the lake and enjoyed the sunset :)


  1. I hope that A too enjoyed that beautiful place when she arrived.
    Life is like that isn't it? Sometimes a few minutes makes a huge difference.

  2. More important that both of you reached safely if with hiccups!

  3. Kylie it's not on our radar up here anymore, not like it once was but how is the drought situation in OZ? I am not even going to go into Detroit drivers and the myriad of ways we have found to die or kill with cars.

  4. EC,
    A loves, loves, lurves her little bit of paradise!

  5. Ramana,
    You always have wide perspective!

  6. Mark,
    I have to admit that I had to look up the drought situation. Nearly all of Queensland is still in drought and some other parts of the country, especially the west and Tasmania. It has been long and harsh with many just walking away from their farms and others facing foreclosure due to bank policy

  7. What a lovely spot. Quiet and tranquil and not another human being to be seen.

  8. Nick,
    we didnt see another person in all the time we were there.

    It's a beautiful part of the world


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