Thursday, 26 November 2015


Jesus said "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it in abundance"

Today I believe that I really do have an abundant life and my gratitude is to Jesus.

No matter where you believe your "source" to be, I truly hope that you are experiencing abundant life.


  1. I am and I send you best wishes that you do too.

  2. Oh yes. Sometimes to the point of overflowing.

  3. You don't celebrate Thanksgiving where you are, do you? Just last night, I was wondering whether my friends in Australia and England understand the historical origins of the day here in America.

  4. Snow,
    No, we don't have Thanksgiving here.
    My son told me I shouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving and I thought that taking a moment to express some gratitude has to be a good thing.
    So, weigh in by all means

  5. If abundance is measured in needs then we are good to go here! Hope all is well with you and yours Kylie.

  6. “My son told me I shouldn't be celebrating Thanksgiving”

    Tell him that you’re getting ready to celebrate the Tunkahuna holiday dedicated to the sacrifice of one’s male offspring. You might also add, “Fuck-off, brat, and leave your old mother to do what pleases her.”

    P.S. I like your new photo. You're straight-up honest, and I love that about you. I hope we can always and forever be friends.

  7. snow,
    a friend of mine says i am blunt as a house brick! i think thats a little harsh :)
    we will be friends for ever and always! I hope i get to meet you while you are still embodied

  8. “a friend of mine says i am blunt as a house brick!”

    It doesn’t come out on your blog. I’m forever trying to find a balance between honesty and diplomacy on mine as I want to write things that might offend people but without offending them anymore than I can help.

    “I hope i get to meet you while you are still embodied”

    I think I’m good for another ten minutes, but I'm really starting to wonder how much I will last, and that's a scary thing to wonder.


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