Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Normal-ish service resuming

After three weeks of a little sewing, a LOT of unpicking, some tears, tantrums and backache, I have finally finished the dresses and just in time. The big night is tomorrow.
I will make morning tea for the church playgroup, as I do every Wednesday, then taxi the girls to the hairdresser and to The Formal.
Most of the students will travel by limo and stay in an hotel after the event but this pair, like their brothers before them, will have to forgo all of that and I somehow doubt it is much of a loss.
It's funny isn't it? kids these days have more luxuries for their high school graduation than I had for my wedding! And don't I sound  old :)

I have more things in my diary for the next few days than I normally have in a month and when I get through all of that the stars might even align so that I can do a few things that have been rather too long on the back burner.


  1. Your daughter, and the dress look like real winners to me.
    And there were no limos to my formal. And no wedding for this black duck.
    I hope your life resumes its (more of less) even keel quickly.

  2. Kia ora Kylie..
    Ataahua and congrats. Well done to all.

  3. Your daughter looks fabulous! There were no luxurious occasions in my childhood, my parents were always short of cash and avoiding too much expense. Even my register-office wedding later on was a fairly modest affair, apart from the meal afterwards with our two witnesses, where a large quantity of champagne was consumed!

  4. I failed the matriculation examinations the first time around and so had to take the supplementary one later so missed the final days celebrations is school though we did not have anything special, just the usual uniform on the last day!

    Your efforts have borne great fruit and your daughter looks stunning.

  5. EC,
    something that passes for normality is becoming a lot closer!

  6. Nick,
    somebody referred to my wedding as "austere"
    Looking back maybe it was, a little but what a thing to say!
    A little austerity aint such a bad thing

  7. Ramana,
    your failure to matriculate seems not to have impacted you too harshly :)

    I think that finishing high school is deserving of celebration but i also think it gets a little over the top, one girl arrived at the party with a convoy of THREE cars, just for her!

  8. Oh yes they have much much much more than we ever did but then keeping up with the peer group is that much more challenging. Me thinks your daughter looks just mahvelous dahling!


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