Thursday, 12 November 2015

the workstation

I have turned the lounge room into a workshop/ studio while I attempt my first sewing projects in quite a few years. ( Dresses for the girl's formal in 13 days, can you tell the countdown is on?) There are bits of frayed satin all over the floor and pins waiting for unsuspecting feet. I have had to become acquainted with wearing glasses and getting the work done in daylight hours.
I have found out that I press my tongue against my teeth when I concentrate, this is a great technique for exposing previously unknown tooth nerve damage and the pain has driven me to the dentist.

There's nothing like a tight deadline for finding out just what a woman is made of, right?

one almost down, one to go


  1. I hope the dresses are appreciated after all that hard work!

  2. Lovely! I am so glad it is you having to make formals and not me. There is a reason I only had sons!

  3. How well I remember the pins lying in lurk for unwary feet caper. My mother was a supreme, but messy, seamstress.
    Good luck with your challenge. The first dress looks great.
    It is a theory of mine that I can do anything if I have to, and I am sure you will triumph. Mind you, I would prefer some days that the theory wasn't so thoroughly tested.

  4. Nick,
    The girls are superstars of humanity. Gratitude is a given!

  5. Anne,
    Suits are dead easy to organise!
    Gotta love sons for all kinds of reasons

  6. EC,
    I'm hearing you :)
    Some theories are best left as theories

  7. Nice color, beautiful young woman and never handle small metal objects at our advancing age without a fairly powerful magnet at hand. Save the feet says I.

  8. Mark,
    You just reminded me, my mother used to sew in a room with a thick shaggy carpet, a good magnet was as much a part of her equipment as the scissors :)

  9. Every auto mechanic worth a wrench has a variety of magnets to retrieve small dropped parts. It is in our blood.

  10. I use an auto mechanics extendable magnet to pick up pins since I am too old to bend so far so many times.


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