Wednesday, 27 January 2016

a surreal life

The feng shui project continues. The consultant recommended new flooring and i wish the guy had been around to suggest it 15 years ago but better late  than never. The Emperor of the house determined that the carpet would come up and the new boards be laid last saturday but the offspring saw their chance and took it "maybe we should re-paint while we can't damage the floor?"
So painting was added to the list and i have spent the last few days in a cloud of fine dust and a whirl of colour choices. It is all rather unexpected and stressful so tempers are frayed and a couple of young people have already taken refuge from the whole process. The rest of us carry on while I wonder whether The Emperor realises how bad the furniture is going to look in a newly decorated room.
In amongst all of this the firstborn has realised that flouride is hazardous and is hesitant to drink anything containing flouridated water. The positive side of this development is that he is now  open to the idea of home made toothpaste, which was previously a slightly gross and very weird idea put forward by his strange mother.
Back in the days when I had four very small children i often thought my life was surreal and I'm starting to realise that i didn't completely leave that life behind.


  1. It is not feng shui but the new lady of the house who has decided that she needs some remodeling done at home and since the same dust problem that you face will prevail has decided to banish me to distant parts of my glorious country. I am to stay away for two weeks with the promise that everything possible will be done to reduce the duration. I am therefore off from the 5th of next month for two weeks and when I return, the original lord of the manor may have to readjust to unfamiliar things at home!

    I wish that the children had not grown up either!

  2. The issues of older children are no less than when they were younger, just different, until that magic age when they become parents. I have become much wiser, sensible and a goto person for advice simply because a birth occurred.

  3. Tell the firstborn there are plenty of Houses in Flint MI USA if he wants one. (look it up if you don't know what's going on)

    Jaysus Kylie we've been living in this house 33 years and still have the same wallpaper as when we moved in and every scrap of furniture was found art. he one room we did paint, of course a year later the paint began to chip--nope no more home decorating redo's.

  4. Ramana,
    You are fortunate to avoid the hassle of a paint job!

  5. Anne,
    It's true that the worries just change as they grow.
    I'm so outspoken about so many issues of infancy that my kids will probably avoid asking me anything for fear of a rant!!

  6. Mark,
    I've been following the Flint story a little bit. Such a disgrace and horrific for the people there but really unsurprising.

    My objection to the decor in this house is that it was inherited from the previous owner who decorated 50 years ago. I'm also tired of other peoples offloaded furniture, i have nothing against second hand but i like to choose it myself. Curb shopping is deeply cool


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