Saturday, 30 January 2016

watching paint dry

well, not really but the way things are arranged right now, i could!


  1. What can I comment? Seems to be going well!!

  2. Any particular reason for the single red wall?

  3. I like your molding.

    "Any particular reason for the single red wall?"

    Maybe having every wall such a strong color would be too much?

  4. Oh my.
    The elegance of minimalism won't be happening here anytime soon. And, when himself's sister was staying with us after a month she was still finding new things to look at.
    Mind you, we should paint again. And moving things so we can is a vile job.

  5. Nick,
    the colour choices are a long story but suffice to say it was related to pleasing everyone

  6. Snow,
    This moulding would be one of the last. This house was built c. 1964 and I think that by 1970 there were no mouldings to be seen anywhere.

    And yes, one bold wall could be a highlight but 4 of them would be too much.

  7. EC,
    it's only minimal because all the furniture is out of shot! I aspire to a sort of generous minimalism but i will never achieve it.
    and yes, moving everything and stumbling around it in places it shouldn't be is hardly fun

  8. In theory I would love to be a minimalist, but if I am honest with myself I require a tiny bit of "clutter" or I feel I am living in an oppressively sterile environment which is calming for most people but makes my brain want to explode.

    Your red wall is fantastic!

  9. Anne,
    I dont find minimalism calming, I find it demanding but I have noticed that minimalist colour schemes are relaxing.

    In the photo the paint on the adjacent walls is undercoat but we now have a soothing grey. the colour pick was a confusing rush so i think we have done well

  10. "I have noticed that minimalist colour schemes are relaxing."

    I have a lot of pink in my house because I don't want to be excited by my color scheme but relaxed. I also like warm colors, so although the outside of my house is blue, I’m not much into cold colors inside.


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