Monday, 26 September 2016

20 more Questions

Favourite smell?
There are way too many things I enjoy to have a single favourite of anything but asked about smells, the first thing I think of is that our front lawn used to be full of freesias, naturalised over many years from a single garden bed. Many of them have been mown down never to return but in the peak of their flowering season our house sat in a cloud of freesia scented air. I always found it miraculous that I could smell freesias without even enclosing them and of course I associated the scent with the first warm breezes of spring. It was magical.

Favourite sport to watch?
I don't regularly watch sport at all. When the Olympics are on I enjoy gymnastics and I can get caught up in the excitement of athletics or swimming. If there is a very close game I have been known to watch the last few overs of a cricket game or keep an eye on the football but I would never voluntarily put the TV on to watch sport.

Who did you last talk to?
I asked Keaghan if he wanted a coffee. The last conversation of interest was when two of the kids described last nights dreams to me. It's uni holidays at the moment, our usual morning conversation would be how many sandwiches do you want and are you going to make your train.

Real hair colour?

Do you wear contacts?
No. I wear a pair of +1 glasses I got in Target for reading but otherwise I have good sight

Favourite food?
If it's decent food, I like it.

Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings. I'm unsophisticated like that.

Last movie you watched?
Chef was playing on TV last week, I loved it when we watched it as a new release so I watched it again. I still loved it

What colour shirt are you wearing?

Summer or winter?
Winter might win by a very small margin. Mostly I love the changing seasons so my favourite is what we just moved into or what we are about to move into.

Hugs or kisses?
Who doesn't love an amazing kiss?

Favourite sweet food?
All of them.

What book are you currently reading?
My son brought home a book about missional Christianity. I can't remember the name but I flipped through it. It's a very small book but the ideas are solid.

What is on your mouse pad?
Star Wars. Pretty sure it came in a show bag when the kids were still primary schoolers.

What did you last watch on TV?
Louis Theroux talking to Westboro baptist families.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?
I know the Beatles better

Favourite sound?
Anything that means my kids are having fun. I also love the sound of a school playground full of happy, playing littles, I think that sound embodies life.

What is the farthest you have travelled?
The farthest I have been from home was when I stopped in Atlanta en route to Arkansas.

Do you have a special talent?
I'm good at a few things but not exceptional at anything.

Where were you born?
The Royal Women's Hospital, Sydney

The Royal Womens has moved from this site but as far as I can tell, this is the building I was born in.


  1. Wonderful snippets.
    I find scent incredibly evocative. Cinnamon takes me to good places, despite the fact that I don't like the taste. And vanilla does the same - and I do like it.
    The smaller portion and I were born in the same hospital just over a year apart. The same nurse was in charge of the maternity ward - and we met twenty years later in another state.

  2. "Who doesn't love an amazing kiss?" Me. :D

  3. EC
    Cinnamon and vanilla are both beautiful.

    What a great story about being born in the same hospital.

  4. Joey,
    Each to their own, I suppose but I was under the impression that most people adore kissing

  5. I wonder if next week, the answers would be the same Kylie?

  6. Mark,
    Smart man! some would be the same, many would probably change depending on what first crossed my mind.

    I'd most likely be wearing the same pants

  7. "I'm good at a few things but not exceptional at anything." You and me both. I think the only thing I'm really good at is the English language. Mostly I'm competent but never talented. I'd love to be a brilliant cook but my occasional attempts at cooking are usually dismal failures.

  8. Nick,
    Really inspired cooking takes natural talent but you could learn to be a very good cook. It's all about technique. I'm too impatient to have great technique but if you know what is required, then you can decide how much effort you want to make.
    I wo uld like to hear about your next kitchen foray


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