Monday, 17 November 2008

thanks #15, 16 & 17

Skeeters post about "Grabbafruds" got me thinking about my favourite taste sensations from my husbands home, Malaysia. Many of the foods I first tried in Malaysia are easily available in Sydney these days but they remain exotic to me.

I have many faves and often don't know the names of them or can't think of them until something jogs my memory......

Today I am thankful for the Indian bread/ pastry type foods like murtabak, roti paratha, naan and this one:

roti canai

I also adore the fruits such as star fruit, papaya, the sweet, fragrant pineapples, delicious watermelon juice, coconut juice, sugar cane juice and this one:

the smelly & wonderful durian

then there are the fabulous noodles: laksa, singapore noodles, steamed rice noodles and the fantastically smoky
char kway teow


  1. Hi Kylie,
    I was just looking at your last post when i noticed you had put another one on while i was reading that post.
    I see you have seen our expensive ball of string on Mark's blog.

  2. VERY expensive ball of string :)

  3. Interesting cuisine.
    Have a good week.

    M xo

  4. LOVELY post. I've always wanted to try Durian--it's the swashbuckler in me. I've noticed people on the street sometimes gathering up the unbelievably foul-smelling gingko fruits, the ones we cross the street to avoid getting in our shoes, and have heard that those too are edible.

    And p.s. of course, I was delighted you posted the Shabbat candle photo!



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