Thursday, 4 December 2008

am I the crazy one?

there was an interesting discussion at work yesterday. one of my colleagues declared, no vowed and declared that she would never marry a smoker.
really? she would let go of a fantastic fella who completely did it for her because he smoked???
i said something like that to her and she was quite adamant. "it would be like kissing an ashtray"
what, she spends her whole time kissing?
"when a smoker comes in here i can smell it straight away"
i reek of garlic when we're making it. should i get a divorce?
what about guys who come home smelling of diesel? could she marry one of them? what about someone who worked really hard and came home with BO?

don't get me wrong. i don't find smoking any great turn on but really, she can't be serious???


  1. You're not crazy. Sheesh, just have the guy brush his teeth first. BFD.

    Although, when you're getting into a long-term type situation, you might not want a smoking partner. Studies have shown...

  2. I'm laughing. I wouldn't marry a smoker, nor a hunter. I have my limits (sorry Hunter, I love you even if you are a killin' machine)!!! Kylie, get serious, can you imagine me making love to a smoker or to anyone with a dead deer hanging outside my window? Please!!! I don't care how damn good he is, I'm not doing it (literally or figuratively!). And the smoker can brush his teeth all he wants, it won't matter because he forgot to brush his clothes, his hair, and his body. Okay, Suzy's out! Yes, your co-worker has a point. Open your mind to the possibility women don't have to settle, except in Florida because apparently there's a 5:1 ratio.
    ;) Love ya!

    Yes, it's true, I come out of the doldrums for this sort of crap!!!

    ;) Love ya!

  3. um, yeah.....
    i wasn't suggesting anyone settle

  4. It's the most ridiculous thing ever. You can never limit one's self like that when considering love.

  5. It's just a habit, for god's sake, like any other. And everyone has one of those. It doesn't say anything about the person.

  6. When love strikes ... nothing matters.
    Your friend would kiss an ashtray.
    Suzanne would marry a hunter.
    And someone would even marry a woman who poses with her tongue sticking out.

  7. I think you should love a person for who they are inside. But sometimes love alone isn't enough to sustain the relationship. It's the small things (like ashtray breath) that get's in the way. I think life is complicated, and so are our answers to this question. We are all so different and the choices that I makes seem perfectly rational and reasonable to me, but to someone else I may appear stupid, or crazy or just plain mindless. So there is no right or wrong answer to this question of smoker vs nonsmoker. It's just your choice and mine.

  8. I think I got a little carried away on this question--but in all earnestness, I never limited myself on who I could love, and I was often surprised by the ones who in the end appealed to me. I can't think of any one single thing I would absolutely not tolerate in a man--except frank abuse.

    Kylie, I commented FOUR times here. I think this struck a nerve...not specifically on the question of smoking, but on a bigger issue of keeping an open mind about people..

  9. I can't think of any one single thing I would absolutely not tolerate in a man--except frank abuse.

    I will not tolerate frank abuse either. Franks should be grilled on an open flame, never boiled or heaven forbid steamed. Franks should be well apportioned with condiments like mustard, ketchup, relish, onion, and sauerkraut to match the preferences of the diner. On rare occasions, franks can also be served Chicago style with a spear of dill pickle (replacing relish) and fresh tomato slices (replacing ketchup).

  10. What an interesting post, Kylie. Everyone has something interesting to say in the replies too. I'm not going to say much tho, I've come to realize that what I know about love will fit in a thimble ... and still leave plenty of room for ... the fish :-)

    Best wishes,


  11. I'm with Bob...and I will take mine well done thank you very much!!


  12. megan,
    what have studies shown?

  13. leah,
    your point about not being limited like that is what i was thinking when i posted.
    and i wasn't thinking about smoking in particular, the conversation continued in the same way about cats. and i was just as incredulous.

  14. joe
    yep, what you said

    who would pose with their tongue stuck out? i couldnt marry someone like that

  15. cece
    you're right, the little stuff can get in the way but i think that the early falling in love stage blinds us to stuff like that and by the time it gets annoying it's too late and cupid has well and truly fired his arrow

  16. leah again :)
    i'm glad to see you comment so many times because your reaction seems to be the same as mine and i was so thoroughly howled down in that conversation that i was starting to wonder.....

  17. bob
    i usually boil franks. obviously i got that wrong

  18. skeeter,
    you learn a whole lot more about something when you're trying to make it work than if theres nothing wrong (or if theres something wrong but youre not trying)
    it is by this process that i reckon i am a love expert.

    i think you're somehow mistaking a lake for a thimble. they're quite different

  19. gig gig gig

    hope you're doing well

    wishing you fabulous franks!

  20. hi kylie,
    interesting post.
    When i married Mark he was a smoker. My mother was a chain smoker so marrying a smoker in those days wasn't such a big deal.
    Mark & my mother both decided to give up 25 years ago.
    on reflection i would not want to be married to a smoker.

  21. oddly i smell like all the things listed in your post when i get home from work...

    *hangs head and gets in shower*

  22. Get's in shower after a hard day. Discovers IV. HOLY CRAP!!! Hummmmmmmmmm, I think he was showering in cold water.

  23. Kylie, please send me an email so I can attach my address. I sent you my address but just realized it was returned. Thanks darlin'.


    P.S. Hey Peter. Will visit soon.

  24. Back at ya, Kylie - Studies have shown that smoking shortens your life expectancy. That's what I meant.


  25. oh yeah, smoking makes you live shorter, it makes you have less money and you often die a horrible death in front of loved ones who are powerless.

    smoking is not a trait i'd be looking for but you know, if he's the one......

  26. I usually microwave my franks. I'm a mother, give me a break.


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