Saturday, 6 December 2008

this craze of getting readers to ask questions is really fascinating me. i was gonna wait and do it when it wasn't the in thing but patience is no virtue of mine

ask away.....


  1. I was going to wait, too, but hey, why not jump in the pool?

    But it's hard thinking of good questions...

    I will be back!

  2. Hi Kylie!

    There is one thing I would like to ask - what is the deal with Vegamite? I smelled some of it once and it was the worst cousin of compost heap and funky gym socks smell that I have ever had the misfortune to sense. I couldn't eat any Vegamite because I couldn't get that stuff anywhere close to my nose without suffering ... trauma.

    Thanks and best wishes,


  3. I'll be back. This is going to take some thought because you're a real smarty pants.

    Actually, that's my first question:

    1) How did you get so smart in those pants?


  4. Hi Skeeter,
    I'm with you on the vegemite. I must be one of the few aussies who can't stand the stuff. I hate the smell as well, but i have to buy it for mark & helen.

  5. If you had to decribe yourself in three words what would they be??

    Who was your role model growing up and what was it about them?


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