Sunday, 7 December 2008

quite clearly everyone is tired of asking questions of other bloggers,

or you know everything there is to know about me,

or you don't care,

or no-one is blogging this weekend,

or i missed the rapture

Skeeter wanted to know what the deal is with Vegemite and I quote:
"There is one thing I would like to ask - what is the deal with Vegamite? I smelled some of it once and it was the worst cousin of compost heap and funky gym socks smell that I have ever had the misfortune to sense. I couldn't eat any Vegamite because I couldn't get that stuff anywhere close to my nose without suffering ... trauma."
Very good question, Skeeter. Only recently I was thinking that I eat Vegemite because I have never known any different but how on earth did the creators of Vegemite convince the public to eat it?
I have a vague memory that Vegemite was promoted as a health food but apart from that I have no answers. All Australians eat Vegemite, it's un-Australian not to. It's a patriotic duty. And we get sick of peanut butter.
My favourite way to eat Vegemite is with lots of butter (not margarine!) on fresh white bread. YUM!!!
It's also good on toast or rice crackers with avocado.
In answer to Suzannes question " This is going to take some thought because you're a real smarty pants. Actually, that's my first question:
How did you get so smart in those pants?"
Thank you my dear, I think they're rather smart pants myself !


  1. Isn't Vegemite high in vitamin B? I'm sure that's what they advertise. Anyway, the best thing about Vegemite is giving Americans a jar of it and watching them eat a great big spoonful of it the way they eat peanut butter :) A tip to vegemite virgins - don't ever try it by the spoonful! It's great spread on toast.

  2. yaeh it's high in vitamin b but why do you eat it?

  3. Hi honey! It's not you smarty pants (and yes, you look quite smashing in them), I just don't think anyone's blogging this weekend. Lazy a#@%s! They're probably all out spending money they don't have. Me, I'm just going to regift our wonderful little family the still unopened DVD player from 3 years ago. I'm a very simple, practical woman.

    Vegamite. Never tried it, probably never will. I'm a big old sissy! And honey, I'm with you on the butter. Only the best. But white bread? Are you nuts? Wasn't that stuff outlawed two decades ago? Okay, that's my second question!

    3) What's your dream car?

    4) Who's your dream husband? (I'm laughing way too hard. You don't have to answer this one. I'll use my imagination!)

    5) What do you find most compelling about being a mother?

    6) If it's summer in Aussie Land, how can it be Christmas? December is Winter. Right?

    7) I sent my address to you via email because I really do want my 4th place trinket. It was returned. Why? Didn't I adjust my ceral box properly? Oh trust me, I'm sending it again. I'm gonna get that little plastic thing if it's the last thing I do.

    8) I was born on the 8th. What's your favorite number, and why?

    9) List one thing about yourself you honestly admire.

    10) If you could sit down, right now and eat something you love, what would it be? You have 1 second to decide.

    No, I can never write just one or two. Sorry. Good luck baby. Talk to you soon.


  4. silly me, never even considered the christmas shopping but now you mention it, it's a no brainer.

    white bread with vegemite is the best. i eat other breads with other things but vegemite (and honey and lemon spread) is best on white

    the dream car doesn't ever break down , has an permanently full tank ( i HATE having to stop for petrol, just want to go where i'm going)
    it might be nice in purple....
    i need to think more about the dream car

    dream hubby; i dont think theres any one person but i can say that if theres a connection i probably wouldnt care if he had two heads. right now i rather fancy barack obama but thats old news and hugh jackman has always been a fave.....

    will get back to you on the mum thing......

    i should answer these in a post so i'll call that the appetiser (was it appetising?)

    but before i go i gotta tell you i just had a dutch style almond finger...

  5. Okay, I think I'm going to officially pass on the Vegemite because I can't do white bread.

    You're so smart because your dream car is my dream car. I don't want to worry about a thing and always have a full tank of gas. Perfection!

    I fancy Obama too. I had a dream that was so intense I blushed. He has a wonderful wife and children, so I had to knock it off. However, if he ever gets a divorce (I hope he doesn't), I'd like to be #1!!! You're in red, so you can be #2. Or is it you're in red so you're #1 and I'm in green so I'm #2? Hummmmmmmm. We may have to mud wrestle for that one.

    Thanks for the tease. I'm looking forward to the remaining answers. And by the way, was that Almond Finger actually attached to a Dutch man?

    Nite nite sweet princess. My day's about to begin so I've gotta boogie.


  6. Wait, I'm here!!!!

    Okay, can I ask a few questions? I'm going to ask some of the same ones as I did Megan, because I really want to know the answers:

    1. Were your birth experiences with your children good/traumatizing/a mix? Who was in attendance?

    2. What is your favorite outfit?

    3. What is your earliest childhood memory?

    4. If you could go back to school and study something just for fun, no grades, no pressure, what would it be?

    5. Have you ever felt the presence of God? Where were you?

    6. Is there any secret thing about you that you think would shock us if we knew (and no, you don't have to say what it is)?

    You can answer any or all!


  7. p.s. I bought a tiny jar of marmite (which is I guess pretty much the same as Vegemite), spread a thin layer on hot buttered toast as directed by someone in the know, and ate it. All I can say is that the jury's still out on this one...

  8. Hi Kylie!

    Thanks for fielding that question. I just saw Leah's question about birthing. Guess it won't be much longer before lots of question bubble up to the top.

    Best wishes,



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