Monday, 8 December 2008

With prizes like this who needs competitions?

I don't have time tonight for a good post answering all your amazing questions but I am loving them ......

remember my competition?

I posted the prizes out on Saturday, except for the one I don't have an address for, and I was talking to mate about it today

"How did you wrap it?"
"In one of those padded bags"

"You know, the ones with bubble wrap"

"No box????"

"They'll be paste when they get there"

Maybe the pre-Christmas rush adled my brain. When your prizes arrive they are meant to look like this:

if they look like this you'll have to put 'em on icecream! oops
might need another comp to see if I can get it right next time!


  1. HI HONEY!!! What a co-inky-dinky. I just emailed my address again. I attached it to your current email, so it should make it this time. Good luck to me!!!

    Do you have Brian's email? I have two comments I want to email because I couldn't post them for the life of me. His blog kept kicking me off. Apparently his blog knows something we don't know!!!

    Love you darling and thanks for the gift, but I hate the idea you're going to expense on my behalf. Seriously, I wouldn't mind just an air mail envelop.

    I'm going to visit Peter. He hasn't been around lately, so I'm off to find out where the hell he is. See you tomorrow. Oh, right, it is tomorrow. Okay I'll see you today.

    Love you baby ~ have a great today!

  2. got your e, reply to come

    peter is having a rollicking good time partying . i dont expect to hear from him any time soon!

    must rush.....

  3. Looks tasty to me both ways, Kylie!

    Best wishes,



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