Tuesday, 9 December 2008

a few answers

I think I'll probably get a bit long-winded when I answer all your questions so I'm setting a half hour limit to answer what I can, with the rest to come

hnter1018 asked:
If you had to decribe yourself in three words what would they be??
Who was your role model growing up and what was it about them?

I have no idea how to describe myself but I'm sure my friends will put their two cents in......
please guys?
but to start: LOUD & HONEST

My role model was my Mum. What it was about her I suppose was that she was the dominant female figure in my life and thinking about it there were really no others. One grandmother died when I was about 8, the other had a massive stroke when I was 9. She lived another 10 years but the disability caused by the stroke boxed her real self into a poorly functioning body and I didn't really know who she was. My aunts were people I saw rarely so while I liked them they couldn't have too much influence. I never had a teacher or other random person who I admired greatly enough to take too much notice. I think I lived in my own head and other people were like extras in my movie.

Suzanne said...
Vegamite. Never tried it, probably never will. I'm a big old sissy! And honey, I'm with you on the butter. Only the best. But white bread? Are you nuts? Wasn't that stuff outlawed two decades ago?
Okay, that's my second question!

white bread with vegemite is the best. i eat other breads with other things but vegemite (and honey and lemon spread) is best on white

3) What's your dream car?

the dream car doesn't ever break down , has an permanently full tank ( i HATE having to stop for petrol, just want to go where i'm going) it might be nice in purple....
a ford territory for the space, a weeny car like maybe a mercedes A180 for the manouvrability...it all changes depending on the day, time of day, weather, what the dog is doing.....

4) Who's your dream husband? (I'm laughing way too hard. You don't have to answer this one. I'll use my imagination!)
dream hubby; i dont think theres any one person but i can say that if theres a connection i probably wouldnt care if he had two heads. right now i rather fancy barack obama but thats old news and hugh jackman has always been a fave.....

and a man with a gentle spirit is quite attractive

5) What do you find most compelling about being a mother?
hmmmm, when it gets all a bit harder than i would like i keep going because i would hate to feel i've let them down. generally speaking it's just like watching four surprise packages open a little more all the time. and they're lovely people, my kids.

6) If it's summer in Aussie Land, how can it be Christmas? December is Winter. Right?
right, december is winter in the northern hemisphere and Christmas is summer here. it's fantastic. Christmas evokes thoughts of beach holidays and sunburn and bushfire smoke and sweat dripping off you under your favourite outfit. it means flesh on show and scrumptious salads and pavlova and mangoes and stonefruit and backyard cricket.....

7) I sent my address to you via email because I really do want my 4th place trinket. It was returned. Why? Didn't I adjust my cereal box properly? Oh trust me, I'm sending it again. I'm gonna get that little plastic thing if it's the last thing I do.
I don't like that kind of cereal

8) I was born on the 8th. What's your favorite number, and why?
eight. cos you were born then and it's our house number and it's a great house

9) List one thing about yourself you honestly admire.
i'm so hot

10) If you could sit down, right now and eat something you love, what would it be? You have 1 second to decide.
i gotta tell you i just had a dutch style almond finger...DELICIOUS

note: that was my answer then, now it would be coffee ice cream. no question.


  1. I love it. Will be back for more.

    And coffee ice cream? A resounding yes.

  2. Shoot! I've got to come up with a good question!

    Love your answers, by the way!

  3. g'day to you both!
    blogdom is a bit quiet isn't it? shame, i'm having such a good time but not too many to share it with

    have fun

  4. Hello to the Inquisitors,

    If Jesus was indeed born in Bethlehem He probably experienced temperatures of 27C max and 12C min.
    Where Kylie lives in Aussie land these are also the same sorts of temps. So winter Christmases being "proper" weather (a la snow and freezing) is cobblers Australia is closer to the real or Bthlehem conditions .
    Cheers. climatically correct in many places

  5. Coffe ice cream. Oh my God that's too funny. I have it in my freezer and took a bite today. Yes. I take a bite and that's enough. I'll revisit it in a few days and enjoy it again. Wow, Leah loves it too!

    I'm looking at Leah as I type this. She can't see what she looks like without her glasses. That's a hoot. Leah honey, you are so tan, and wow, so blonde!!! (Kylie, shut up. Don't utter a word. Let me have my fun.)

    Well, love all the answers and of course read every one. You are a complex woman. I like that very much!!! Do you think I should do this? I'm scared. It's absolutely true, I'm a sissy. But after reading your answers I feel confident. I have to believe the friends who ask questions will be kind and when I answer, generous!!!

    Love you darling and thanks for answering so honestly. You're a great lady and I simply adore you.



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