Thursday, 21 May 2009

Always the bridesmaid.........

sometimes the wedding planner

finally, THE BRIDE!



  1. Didn't realize there was voting. I was fortunate to atract 3 votes and my "contribution" was just that. A non contribution of 3rd rate "satire." It was meant to be The Chasergenre humour without the genius! I thought it all just a laugh.

  2. Yay Blottie! It was my campaigning that made the difference. Congrats!!!

  3. YAY! And by the way, a hilarious post, Kylie.

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  5. It may have been Bob's campaigning, but it was my final vote that put you over the top! BOO HOO, no one voted for me! LOL! Kylie, are you feeling better?

  6. *wonders if "suze" is code for inner voices*

  7. hi cece
    i'm great! no more IV antibiotics, which means no more cannula YAY no more pressure bandage YAY no more hospital visits YAY
    i still need to be on oral meds and go to emergency if i get bad again but right now i'm very happy.

    the infection originated with an ulcer i didnt know i had, it was under a callous on my foot. now i have to see a podiatrist to make sure it doesnt happen again

    thanks for asking

  8. inner voices wins something else

    *scrabbles in handbag looking for a half-eaten chocolate, a pen, anything*

  9. Yay! A winnah!

    Sorry I've missed your last few posts Kylie. Hope you are feeling all right.

    Hi Blottie!

  10. Kylie I love you. You and everyone else are going to laugh because this is EXACTLY how I go though life:

    1) Wow, Kylie was able to go to a wedding with that leg? Great photo. I like how she angled it. Really beautiful dresses. Interesting flower choice. Lovely. (Yes, no clue.)

    2) Wow, she's becoming a wedding planner or just following one for the blog. Is she trying to copy me? Hummmmmmmm interesting. (Still no clue.)

    3) OH. MY. GOD. Yes, that's how slow I am.

    Most of you are so smart on the uptake. Me? Nope...just drifting through life. You know, la-la-la-la-la!

    I had no idea you all worked so hard on my behalf because I've been so out of the loop lately. Thank you. Let me take this opportunity to step to the mic:

    "It's true, cream rises to the top *Suze holds IV's neck to the ground with black sling backs* and continutes to speak, I wouldn't be here without each and every one of you. I love you all." (*IV looks up Suze's black dress and thinks* "I've seen better!"* Whatever. You lost buddy.

    Thanks one and all. The best gift on a very difficult day. I really do love you all. Thank you.

    XO The Wedding Planner! ;)

  11. Baby, I forgot to add, I love your new photo. It's simply beautiful. Really.



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