Friday, 22 May 2009


this is my 301st post so i thought i would try to think of a list of stuff relating to the number 300. it's hard. real hard
  • my wedding dress cost $300
  • when i first started work i earned about $300 a week
  • i make about 300 sandwiches every 15 weeks
  • a 300 tissue cold is a pretty bad one
  • $300 can buy 30 mosquito nets to protect people from malaria
  • $300 can repair a woman's fistula after childbirth
  • i drive 300km every couple of weeks

i'm not doing so good here

what does 300 mean to you?


  1. 300=2x2xx3x5x5

    What other factors can there be ?

  2. It was the title of a really violent movie. And the guy who starred in it had 300 ab muscles...

  3. BTW, congrats on your 300th post!

  4. $300 is the maximum payday advance I can get...

  5. How many times can you hit a tennis ball in a rally? Probably 300!

    Congrats on 300. You deserve a gift. Should I regift the book I just won to a red legged limpy woman?

    ;) Suze


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