Sunday, 24 May 2009


everywhere i look these days there's some bozo writing a column or an article about happiness. how to be happy, what is happiness, what happens if one is not happy..........
i don't know why they bother, we all know that the person with the most toys is the happiest.....
anyway, i stumbled on a blog last night, it's all about one woman's one year project to test all the happiness theories. she has tips and quizzes and theories and well, stuff. a lot of stuff. you have to come up with a lot of stuff if you want to write about one subject for a year.
i did one of her quizzes. i didnt much like the results. so, my first rule of happiness is:

avoid all silly quizzes


  1. Hey you! Aren't you supposed to be nursing a red leg or something?

    You okay? Seriously. Are you improving or will Cece the Biologist have to amputate with her bottle of whiskey and rusty saw? Oh sorry, word association. Every time I mention Cece, I think of the South and then the Civil War. Please forgive me.

    Happiness. Hummmmmmmmm. I'm going to have to think about that one when I'm happy. My dear high school friend died a few days ago. I came to you for a prayer, but left before asking for one because I know you're overwhelmed with your own problems. Everything will be okay. I stopped by to visit Hillary and somehow just seeing her gave me strength, so I gently shuffled along.

    I love you darling. Please keep us informed so we know when to call in Doc Cece!

    XO ;)

  2. hey babe,
    the leg is really pretty good, much much better. i'm getting sick of it though :)
    after this little lot i will never again use a rusty saw for diy surgery so miss micro can keep it but the whiskey would be nice.

    i can do a prayer for you, no worries

    take care

  3. Snort! That's a good rule!

  4. One whiskey my dear woman. What is this, The Wild Onion? God, it all starts to blend! Hey babe, did you see the male nurse over on Giggie's blog. Dear lord I pray and pray and pray he will become a permanent fixture at The Wild Onion!!! "Please God. Bless me and my friends. I know you're very busy, but we're really desperate." See, I pray too.

    So glad you're feeling a wee bit better. Show us a photo to prove it. No! I'm not kidding.

    Love you.

    P.S. A prayer would be good if you have time. I'll stop by and leave some info. Thank you darling. XO

  5. What rule? Who said anything about a rule? Megan, you been drinkin'?

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that rule. Okay.

  7. Baby, I forget how to ask for a prayer. Here or there? I don't want to comment over Em, so I'm commenting here. I need a prayer. You already know and said to ask. Baby, I need a prayer. My darling high school friend, Scott, died on the 19th and was buried on the 22. He was only 48 and such a dear soul. I don't know how he died or why, but my mom read his obituary over the phone. He died in the hospital. He's a rock climber. I'm assuming something went terribly wrong. Baby, can you please pray for him. I can't call his mom right now because I can't even imagine her grief at this stage of death. I would never impose. Eventually I'll learn what happened and then we can send a final prayer into the wind for my darling, darling man. Until then, can you please send a temporary prayer?

    He was beautiful and he loved me. Always loved me. From the moment we met he loved me. Way back in something like 1974! I saw him recently and knew he was still in love. I didn't love him romantically and of course, he knew from the moment we met, we would just be friends. But still, he loved me. He saw me through so many relationships. Through good times and bad. He never let me down. Never. And now I'm supposed to bury him. I was in love with his older brother and got his older brother. That killed him. We discussed it just recently. It still hurt his heart. Scott was the better man and I chose his brother.

    I'm crying so hard because I can't go back. It's over. He's dead. I don't know where to put all this pain.

  8. Dear Kylie,
    loved the picture and your theory to be happy.
    hope you are happy and healthy.
    love you dear


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