Monday, 25 May 2009

don't let anybody steal your joy

rule 2: don't let the turkeys get you down

there's quite a bit of wisdom in overused old cliches, that's how they got to be cliches!

this one applies in lots of ways but i want to tell you about a tidbit i read somewhere, sometime.

when somebody is angry and directing their anger at you, you have a few seconds ( i can't remember exactly, maybe eight seconds) to either absorb that anger or let it wash off.

i'm trying to train myself to recognise the anger and make a decision to let it go, before i get caught trying to deal with somebody else's crap.

if i absorb someone's fury it becomes my problem. if i pass it on it becomes a third person's problem. if i'm having a good day and i manage not to pass it on i still have to deal with it. i still have to process it and at the very least it takes energy. at worst it might damage me or my relationships.


  1. In reference to the previous post about happiness

    The Happiness writing can be found in The Gospel of Matthew or happiness.

    It's part of the Sermon on the Mount.

  2. Correction.

    A writing on happiness can be found in The Gospel of St Matthew 5. For you agnostics,atheists and the plain ignorant that's in The New Testament of The Judeo-Christian Bible.

    For blessed read happy or bliss.

    Cheers ,

  3. Hi darling. I've been rude in the past and hope you just let it slide. You know how much I love you, especially because I want that book!!! But seriously, this is a terrific post and "Dad" is hilarious. This has been a tough year and I know you've overlooked a whole lotta crap. Thank you my dear friend. This reminds me to be kinder and more gentle.

    With love,

  4. I posted twice by accident, so you only have 3 "coffee rings." Okay, now you have 4.

    Love you. Hope all is well.

  5. hi suze,
    all is good. the flesh dissolving bacteria seem to have left my leg mostly intact and when it finishes rebuilding the crazy making itch should go away.
    now i just have to check that my anaemia isn't for some horrible reason, finish taking my antibiotics and hey presto! good as new
    ok, good as 38

    you're a doll suze and we manage to put up with you pretty well. heck, sometimes we even like you


  6. Oh I love this post! It is so true . . . and so hard to remember when somebody "splurts" their negativity your way. 8 seconds? Hmmmm . . . dancers move fast, so I think I can make a dash and escape the worst of it. I used to "get involved" but found myself hurt without effecting help. Nowadays I dance and invite others to join me in a splurt-free world. (I can't believe how many people want to remain angry! Sad!)

    Hope you are mending nicely. I am up and out into the gardens with a mostly-healed ankle, but I developed a terrible case of cabin fever during the healing process.

    Praying for you . . . : D

  7. Happiness Week is a GREAT idea.


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