Tuesday, 26 May 2009

when life gives you lemons...........

i can't choose the hand i am dealt. i can't always control circumstances, i can't control "luck", lots and lots of things in life are seemingly random. i can choose to hate what life brings and be bitter, i can choose to dislike it and keep moving anyway, or i can choose to live with joy.
it's all a matter of choice

i don't get this right all the time. sometimes i choose to wallow, sometimes i don't choose to wallow but i have trouble staying out of the mud. making a choice to live with joy sometimes means there isn't much joy at all. sometimes it means sitting with pain or disappointment and accepting it graciously, learning and growing until i am ready to move forward. sometimes the closest i can get to being happy is not to fight against the bad bits, not to exhaust myself with anger at something i cannot change.

i can't stand people who are eternally cheery, not if it seems to be fake. i think there is a lot to be said for a little bit of whinging, just enough to acknowledge our humanity so i'm not advocating unending optimism and i'm not asking anybody to pretend. i'm not saying nothing should ever be tough but i am saying that we can always choose to make lemonade. some batches will be sweeter than others but lemonade is a handmade product and variations just prove it's authenticity :)


  1. Very good words to live by, Kylie.

  2. Sweet, sweet post to be savored on a day my hands are raw from making lemonade. Cheers!

  3. A fine piece of philosophical writing Kylie. Difficult standard to keep.

  4. thanks leah
    do as i say, dont look too closely at what i do ;)

  5. deb
    you are swimming in lemonade, arent you?


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