Tuesday, 19 May 2009

calling for volunteers

you are going to have to be patient listening to my tales of illness, not because i love being sick but because it is the most interesting thing to happen to me for a while. i have a cannula, something like this one, right in the bend of my elbow. on my right arm. it means i cant bend my elbow properly and now, as well as a gammy leg i have a crook arm. it makes it hard to do lots of stuff but what i really need is someone to clean my teeth, do my hair and wash my underarms :)

thanks for your well wishes. i love youse all xx


  1. I can clean your teeth.
    Karen or Gig can do your hair.
    As far as your underarms, you are probably on your own.

    Get better... that's an order!

  2. Oh that sucks!

    I wish we were all there to help you out for a few days. I'd be happy to. Even the deodorant.


  3. Hi Kylie,

    Sorry to hear that your leg is not well- I hope those horse-sized antibiotics are doing the job and you will be back on your feet soon.

    Always a good time to let other people take the strain for a bit- hope you are being well looked-after.

  4. leah,
    thanks to you too
    will try to spare you the whole personal hygeine issue for the moment.
    you know they sayu you're true firends with somebody if they help to move house but maybe the definition needs reviewing?

  5. hi cinnamon,
    the tablets didnt do so well with a very fast moving infection so now i'm going to hospital daily for IV stuff. not sure how much of that here will be, it's to be reviewed thursday

    right now i'm trying to distract myself from the burning. blogging seems to do the trick quite nicely but i'd rather be asleep!!


  6. Hey you,
    Get better soon. And cleaning teeth, combing hair, and cleaning underarms is a kids job when mom is sick. Tell the little urchins that if they vote for me for the book contest, I take this comment back! HA HA. Remember to take all of the antibiotics that they Dr. perscribed.

  7. Sorry I wasn't here sooner with tea and a razor, but life has been crazy lately. I'll take care of your underarms. So easy you know. Just suds um up and away I'll shave. Probably a heck of a lot easier than shaving my own. You know the whole "I can't see what I'm doing Mommy" thing. If you're naked, I promise not to peek.

    I had to Google Cellulitis. Ouch. That't not funny. I hope the IV works. NO NOT HIM you silly girl, the pink one. If it doesn't what's the alternative? Ouch.

    Love you and hang in there.
    Suze XO

    P.S. I looked at the poll and cracked up. Appears I will probably always be a bridesmaid and never a bride. That's okay. I don't mind. ;) Feel better soon please.

  8. Hi Kylie,
    Hope your leg gets better soon.
    I had a flu shot at work last thursday and now have a cold. I've never had a flu vaccine before but work wanted us to have one because of the enviorment we are in with the elderly.

  9. I'll help out Kylie. I'll even bring some Vodka!

  10. Just checking in for additional news. I've learned two dear old friends arrived instead. "HI" dear friends. Kylie, I hope you're resting comfortably. Really, I do. You should be sleeping right now, it's Thursday, right?

    Love you! XO

    P.S. Jo,hope you feel better soon. And RC, you're too much fun. Kylie, you know in the US Vodka is ONLY used as an anticeptic. Bath the wound with it 3 times a day for the next 150 days. You should heal within a week and have to enter rehab by 2010. Good luck with that.

  11. Kylie, you know I have to give you points for bravery. Apparently you shaved that poor leg before going to the hospital. You wacky?

    XO Suze

    P.S. You need to keep up with current events despite how ill you are. Just so you know, before the ink is even dry on the divorce papers, news came out this morning that that Mel Gibson's former girlfriend is in her 2nd trimester. *Eyes roll back in Suze's head, "The Australians!!!!!*


  12. hi jo
    i read your post, i've learned that when the bosses decide theyre doing something you might as well tell them it's good. they shoot the messenger if you dont :)

    cant remember what else i was thinking of but i'll be back

    take care

  13. cece
    got you out of order, didnt i?

    i told the ratbags they were responsible for washing me and they laughed!

    young people today

    *limps off muttering*

  14. suzy
    i was indeed sleeping when you commented.
    theres really no news, i just go to hospital each day and they do their stuff

    i think mel is american born, you know?

  15. Dear Kylie,
    get well soon.. Hope the IV works good.
    we were at the clinic today..for me, Serene and Noah..
    ♥ & ((hugs))


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