Sunday, 31 May 2009

the end of happiness...........

this makes the end of my self-declared happiness week!
i thought i would leave you with an unusual version of The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)
it is a translation from the Aramaic rather than the more usual Greek

Tuned to The Source are those who live by breating unity

Blessed are those in turmoil; they shall be united inside by love

Healthy are those who have softened what is rigid within;they shall receive vigour and strength from the universe

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice; they shall be surrounded by what is needed to sustain their bodies

Blessed are those who birth mercy; they shall feel it's warm arms embrace them

Aligned with the One are those whose lives radiate from a core of love; they will see God everywhere

Blessed are those who plant peace each season; they shall be named the children of God

Blessings to those who are dislocated for the cause of justice; their new home is the province of the universe

Renewal when you are reproached and driven away by the clamor of evil on all sides , for my sake...

Then, do everything extreme, including letting your ego disappear, for this is the secret of claiming your expanded home in the universe

Prayers of the Cosmos
Neil Douglas-Klotz


  1. I love this version. Never heard it before.

    'birth mercy'- what an amazing image.

    'plant peace each season' - something to be strived for year after year.

    Wow Kylie, thanks for this :)

  2. Kylie,

    It was really good to read the English translation of the Beatitudes from Aramaic.What a pity it's hidden away in a relatively unknown book. However how good it was for you to have "discovered" the Douglas- Klotz work. Just a soliloquy.---> Douglas is a Scottish name, Klotz is German. If the name represents those two heritages in the one person can this situation be construed as a double arrogance dose?

  3. These last posts have been incredible.

    Unfortunately my current mood seems beyond repair. But even so I will try to think of your words and have hope!

  4. Hi baby. No see, I don't relate to anyone else. I see your inner turmoil. I almost deleted that. You know me. But I stopped, and you know why? You wouldn't post this if you weren't in agony. There are days I stand in the woods and wonder. I do darling. You know me. I'm not religious, but I see God in the woods. I do darling. I do.

  5. cinnamon,
    i'll recommend the book to you as maithri did to me

    "prayers of the cosmos"
    neil douglas-klotz

    each line of the beatitudes has a number of possible translations and this version is, i suppose, the author's favourite alternative for each line.

    the book treats the Lord's Prayer in the same way


  6. dad,
    makes one wonder what would turn up if the whole bible or the whole new testament was given the same treatment!

    that would make a lifetime of bible studies

  7. leah,
    sorry you are not so "on top"

    i think that a person can be in a foul temper but still happy, can't they?
    i tend to think of happiness as being a baseline that we deviate from at times


  8. hi suze
    i have been in agony at times but i truly am not right now.
    there are bits of life i dont like but i think (hope?) i have learned to be happy anyhow

    cheers babe

  9. Hi Kylie,
    Hope you are feeling better?
    My cold is gone and now mark has one. Poor old Helen is still battling along with the sore gland and now has infected gland and sinuses. Helen woke up this morning feeling terrible and could not go to school. Mark took the day off to take her to a new medical centre that has opened up nearby. The doctor gave her the same anti-biotic she had a month ago. The old doctor we saw at our usual practice changed her anti-biotic which was for tonsillitis which she did not have. These were not working. This doctor is not good and I've heard a few complaints about him. This doctor seems to be the one they get you to see when all the others are booked out.
    Today the doctor at the new clinic took a nasal swab as a precaution to check Helen does not have swine flu. We find out on Wednesday. Helen is to have a week off school.
    Unfortunately Helen was to start Mid year exams today.

  10. hi jo,
    poor helen seems to be be getting a bit of a run of things

    is it possible she has glandular fever?
    it's pretty common among young adults
    i have quite a thing about inappropriate antibiotic use and silly doctors are part of the problem. having said that, i am still on antibiotics for my foot. it has been two whole weeks nowand i'm sick of it but i want to be sure this thing is killed off good and proper, it's way too dangerous to muck about with.

    the girls were very unwell over the weekend but seem to be improving now. they didnt go to school today but maybe tomorrow.
    liam is another story. he was due to do exams this week as well but he felt bad yesterday, went to bed at 10 last night and got up at six this evening!
    i have never seen him do anything like that before. poor kid looks totally miserable..........

    good luck in the quest to find a good doc and i hope mark and helen get better soon


  11. Oh let's do it for another week!!!! Or maybe this can be dedicated JOY week. And then we can dedicate FUN week. And then . . .

    ; D

  12. I think you are right, actually! I am still, over all, happy despite a really seethingly bad mood (which actually seems to have passed a bit). Yes, the deviations. I guess one must bend with them.

  13. Dear Kylie,

    every week can be a happy week.
    hope you having a good day.

    ♥ & ((hugs))

  14. Kia ora Kylie,
    Beautiful in more ways to me than I can go into here. I have to make some agonizingly hard decisions over the past few days and discovered I was able to do so by letting go of my ego completely and thinking simply how they would affect those I love instead of me. What I found is WE.

  15. deb,
    i doubt i can come up with intelligent comments on joy for a week but i must admit i enjoyed running with a theme, might do it again sometime :)

  16. leah,
    i'm glad you're happy and i'm glad the black mood is passing. sometimes they just seem to come out of nowhere, dont they?

  17. hi bindi,
    i finally remembered to put you on my blogroll again and now i wont forget to visit!

    i hope you are having a happy week

  18. hi robb,
    letting go of ego is so important but it is a very big ask.
    i hope your decision turns out to be good and your plans go well

  19. Hi Kylie,
    Results are back. Helen has influenza A not swine flu. Mark has to take tamiflu tablets and lucky for me i had the flu vaccine a couple of weeks ago.

  20. hi jo,
    wondered if you got it back. i suppose it's good to know that.

    i sent caitlin back to school today, briony will go tomorro and liam maybe fri. he is much improved but still has a way to go

    im pretty tired so i hope i'm not getting it. it would ruin the long weekend!

  21. Uh, just so you know... The original texts of the New Testament were all in Koiné Greek, never in Aramaic. The only Aramaic NT was the Peshitta, which was a 4th Century translation from Greek to Aramaic (or more correctly, Palestinian Syriac). And in fact Neil Douglas-Klotz does his translations from the Peshittah, by his own admission, so his claims that he translates from the original Aramaic are bogus.


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