Saturday, 30 May 2009

happy on saturday

i have been unsettled today, the girls have been afflicted with fever and coughs, the rain poured down, the car was out of service........

last weekend was one long frustration and the week has been frightfully busy so i had hoped to really enjoy this weekend and i was a bit disgruntled that it was all going pear shaped again.

then i went to the shops. i had to take back a rented dvd and while there i was tempted by persimmons and mandarins. we got some noodles to make fish soup for dinner and discovered pandan cake and kaya, foods of my husband's home malaysia that i have never seen in australia before, available in the local asian market.
as we shopped the rain bucketed and we got wetter
and colder
(and poorer)

then we came home

the girls were more miserable than ever

but the house was warm and dry
the soup was comforting and tasty, we had sticky date pudding for sweets.

the girls revived slightly
george (the mouse) rolled around hilariously in his exercise ball

it was home as home should be
suddenly the frustration evaporated

and i was happy


  1. Family life with all its trials, trbulations and little triumphs. I tell ya, now the boys are older and it seems I hardly see them, the house is spookily quiet and the only conversations you have are in your own head, life takes on a very different hue. I am so glad you are happy on Saturday! Life is too short. I probably missed so many chances to be happy when in the midst of domestic drudgery. You are an inspiration! I have been taking your advice and having fun :)

  2. 'Tis such a blessing when home brings joy. I am joyfully "at home" after such a period of busy and activity and such. : D I too am happy on Saturday.

  3. Oh how I love you so. An to find bliss on a Saturday/Sunday. Life is good. And all our dear friends are here. Hi Cinnamon, hi Debbie!!!


  4. Happiness is...whatever makes you happy! :)

  5. You know, you would be happier if you put some coasters on your table!

  6. Hi baby. I made some scones and tea. Relax. Let's just sit here and enjoy the moment.

    Love you.

  7. hi cinnamon
    hi suze
    hi debbie
    hi na
    hi megan

  8. I have read and reread this beautiful post. It is like a poem. I really love it, Kylie.

  9. wow leah,

    i like to tell myself that although i mostly don't really get poetry i am quite poetic!


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