Thursday, 17 December 2009

i was interested today to read a news item saying that a church in New Zealand used this billboard and offended a Christian lobby group.

Bravo! i say. for once the church makes reference to sex without issuing instructions, for once it pushes boundaries, for once it is humorous.

apparently the minister involved hoped it might provoke discussion. i'm not sure what discussion might be provoked but in my mind any new and interesting approach to faith is a good thing, it works along the lines of "any publicity is good publicity"

the Family First group in New Zealand is upset that the billboard might provoke difficult questions from children.

so, the Family First group can't answer children's questions about sex?

or maybe they can't answer rigorous enquiry (inquiry?) into the outlandish circumstances of Jesus' birth?

in either case they just look weak to me. weak and backward.

i reckon the Man himself, the radical Jesus, might have done something just like it.


  1. Exactly, it just provokes some interesting discussion. And as you say, isn't a parent capable of answering a child's questions? Some people seem to be permanently on the hunt for something to be offended by. Why don't they just go and do something useful, like sticking some sellotape over their mouths?

  2. nick! hi
    it's people like that who are the reason for the churches being viewed as irrelevant. did you see my new header? theres no magenta there but it comes close :)

  3. Great poster. The church with a sense of humour! Even I might start believing next.

  4. hey alan!
    how are ya?

    a bit more like it and churches might become credible again?

  5. Wow, but that is pretty darn radical! I'm not surprised some people were offended, actually.

    I love it, though, and I agree with everything you say. A sense of humor is to me everything. I have to show it to Sarge, my resident Catholic, and see what he thinks. I think he'll laugh.

  6. I did indeed notice your new header and all those tantalising bottles of nail varnish. But it seemed a bit too frivolous to mention on your last distinctly unfrivolous post....

  7. Poor Yosuf never had a chance but what a guy? Back in his day and in that cultural setting, it would have been a huge deal to marry a young lady who was preggers. One of my pet peeves is the version that purports that Yosuf and Mary didn't have any other really, that's just taking it a little too far innit?

    Two centuries later we still don't know why the early writers decided to add the virgin birth story...oh sure a lot of the other foreign gods had immaculate conceptions and I suppose that like any other business there is always a place in the battle for market-share for one-upmanship. We'll never know because there have been so many editors along the way.

    Regardless I can understand the need for these organizations to attract eyeballs. The last 50 years have been tough slugging thanks to the pedophiliac priests and scandal-magnet televangelists.

    It's taken Millenia for humans to acquire enough empirical data on our journey and despite the best efforts of organized politico-religious groups, the Truth is setting us free.

    Next they could try hosting a 30 day sex challenge (with spouse only and ixnay on the olosay exsay if you are inglesay) like that church in Florida.
    Now that would be an interesting billboard campaign :)

  8. leah,
    for some strange reason i cant imagine how it's offensive at all. it's just a total blindspot :)

    humour can make so many difficult things easier, cant it!

  9. nick,
    and i'm kind of glad you didnt....

  10. donn,
    i've seen you around for long enough, thanks for saying g'day!

    i have to agree that empirical truth is setting us free in some ways but i doubt we'll ever have all the answers and a God who covers the rest is the only thing that makes sense to me.

    a sex ban might be hard to sell but imagine the challenge for the advertising guru :)

  11. I love the advertisement. I've never understood why so often religions of all kinds seem to lack humor or are unable to make fun of themselves.

    If I was a religious man, I might go with Southern Baptist since those people know how to party. Or perhaps I'd follow the teachings of the Dalai Lama. That guy is really very funny.

    I just don't like people who walk around offended all the time. In fact, I'm offended that they're offended!

    Babble, babble

  12. csi seattle.....
    do i know you?

    i'm offended you havent been around.

    that dalai lama guy is pretty cool eh?

  13. I don't know what to laugh at harder!!! The billboard or your post!!! Yup, still laughing!!! Oh my god that's funny. Wow...think I just got religion!

  14. and suze, you just reinforce my point!
    nice to have you back, babe


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