Thursday, 8 July 2010

the swirl of stuff in my head

it's school holidays here again and we're renting lots of dvds to keep the kidlets occupied while i bust my butt at work. next week will bring a change of pace because the governing body for our industry (TGA) are making their audit visit and i have been asked not to work more than a couple of days, too much of a loose canon?
masterchef has grabbed my attention as far as tv is concerned and soups are my current favourite food, not so much for the eating but for the cooking. potato and onion soup was this week's special, it makes a change from pumpkin.

and the real news of the week is about my foot. it's been a long story but i had a pressure ulcer for some months, getting appropriate treatment was harder than i expected and i started to despair of it ever healing. the ulcer itself didn't bother me because i couldn't feel it but an unhealed ulcer can lead, at extremes, to severe infection, surgery and amputation. eventually, with the help of my new best friend, podiatrist anthony, the ulcer healed but the story wasn't over. after such a long time it was necessary to check for bone destruction and there was a long wait for the MRI followed by another wait to see the specialist for results.
it was sydney's coldest day in 61 years when i set out to see doctor garth and he was worried that his american visitors would be feeling it.
i wasn't worried about garth's visitors, my foot was fine!!
the day was clear and bright and i celebrated with a take away coffee before work

well, that's it from me. masterchef calls and i'm making a lovely sweet warm comforting indulgent dessert: sticky date sago.

can't wait


  1. Glad your ulcer's cleared up and your foot's okay. These things do take an awful long time to heal sometimes.

    Sticky date sago sounds wonderful. Save me a bit, I'll pop round in half an hour.

  2. at 4;30 am this morning our new 6 pound granddaughter arrived, number 9.>>hope all to be well with you health wise>>> i sit in my jeetted tub with all my oils salts minerals and potions that i got from my local health withch doctor>>.i don't trust regular doctors anymore

  3. now you can but your best "feet" forward!

  4. nick,
    it's been a long half hour and the sago is gone.....

    congratulations! nothing nicer than a tiny girl (except perhaps a tiny boy)
    6lb is little, is she well? was she early? mum ok?

    hey bob!
    yep, now i have two good feet again.
    or at least two feet not in danger of getting chopped off.
    thats good

  5. Is there anything in this world better than consuming soup on a cold day?

    I can identify with any grandparent in who has welcomed No 9 granchild. One more whose D of B must be remembered as must their middle names ... in some circumstances one more mouth to feed.

    Is there anything better than getting health pass?

  6. YAY! So glad to hear the good news about your foot.

    Life is good.


  7. I'm so glad things turned out okay for you. How cold was Sydney's coldest day, by the way?

  8. hi snow!
    you're go
    thanks, i'm pretty happy meself. you're gonna laugh at sydneys coldest day!
    in my area the low was -1 C (30F) and the high was 9C (42F)

  9. random!
    life is, indeed, good :)

  10. I didn't think it got very cold down there.


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