Sunday, 11 July 2010

introducing doris & mabel

this is me and my sister, 'Na in character as mabel & doris.
'Na has been performing in small dramas at church for many years, she delivers a mean monologue and has a talent for accents so it was pretty exciting for me to be invited to perform with her at easter time.
'Na and i often ham it up for our own or our families' entertainment but to perform publicly was new to me and poor preparation together with nerves conspired to make sure my performance was less than perfect but 'Na covered for me where she could and my liam prompted, loudly, where absolutely necessary. my ockerism and sense of comedy saved my bacon and doris & mabel were so popular we were invited back for mothers day and then today for a service focused on generosity.
i doubt you'll be seeing me on the red carpet anytime soon but i'm having a blast and today i didn't even stuff up a line.
i hope mabel & doris reappear some time in the future


  1. Sounds like fun. How about some sample dialogue or some idea of your routines? I had to look up ocker - looks like the Aussie equivalent of prole or pleb.

    So do we call you Mabel now? Or is it Doris?

  2. hey nick,
    it is fun!
    i'm mabel and here is a wee sample of her great kindness to her neighbour:

    salibisDoris: Well yes you’re right I suppose… but there’s neighbours and there’s neighbours!…. Take for instance…his nibs and his wife next door….( On the other side)…. They just ignore me… they never say hello, they treat me like I’m invisible….

    Mable: Oh… Doris I wouldn’t say that… the last time I saw you bending over weeding the garden .. you didn’t look too invisible to me…!!!.. .

  3. heaven knows how the word verification got in there before doris, sorry bout that

  4. Doris and Mabel sound great. I'm so glad you've made a hit. I would give anything to see it in person!

    I learned a new word too--and the only one I've ever heard say "his nibs" before is my mom, of all people!

  5. "His nibs" is very common in the UK, but mainly among the more old-fashioned....

  6. I see an Oscar or Tony Award in your future.

  7. my daughter used to do that telephone operator ringadingding for a skit and was so cute>>>in facat she got miss ephraim for that skit and her outgoing personality>>.i wonder where she got her outgoing personality????????????????

  8. All kinds of awesome. I can just hear you. What great names, too. Practically perfect in every way!

    If I ever come over and make a third, can I be Ethel? Pretty please?!?

  9. In the Doris and Mabel skit I heard and saw my mother, my sister and my maternal g/mother Randall. They are now not with us. Talk about genes! Grandma Randall was Australian born and daughter of a Cockney immigrant to Australia via the Royal Navy and "jumping ship" in Port Jackson [Sydney Harbour]. Our oz accent does I feel, still have an element of Cockney there.

  10. hey leah!
    i have heard "his nibs" quite a lot, it has been applied to a few people but more to a cousin of mine.....

    if you want to come here and say blah! can you make it relevant?

    one of my kids was doing some schoolwork recently, it was about old sayings. i knew all of them!

    thanks for the vote of confidence!

    i'm sure your daughter has all your good points and none of your bad ;)

    we would LOVE to have ethel!

    "i thought you might like a nice bit of pickled pork" was ruby and roslyn all over!

  11. Kyles, we did "awesome"! Imagine what we could pull off with more time.

  12. hey , john, it don't make no nere mind bit, ioburn in london, and it made me loff to see a coff walk down the poff to take a boff

  13. Mabel & Doris sounds great, and loads of fun for you and your sister. Look forward to more adventures and don't forgot the little people when you are winning all of those acting awards. Take care.

  14. i a being mis understood apparently>>>>so here it is jon and elicitty>>>>it doesn't make any difference to me my dear>>>>HIgh HOlburn street plaease>>>made me laugh to see a calf walk doen the path to take a bath>>>some feed back , please

  15. putzy,
    now that you put it in english it's so obvious!
    take care, m'dear


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