Tuesday, 1 March 2016


I don't know where they came from and I dont really know when they came but suddenly I have pantry moths. Not a random moth or a couple of easily squished grubs but a full on assault. There are dozens of them flying around in the kitchen and in the pantry.
I have found moth nurseries in walnuts, pistachios, coconut and pancake mix. All of those things have been put in the freezer overnight to kill the blighters, then the whole lot goes in the bin.
I have frozen potential sources which seem to be moth free: rice, flours, dried fruit.
The cupboards have been inspected, decluttered, wiped down and still there are moths. Fluttering around the light, strutting on the ceiling, even making moth babies right before my eyes.
Two glue traps have been set and covered in little grey bodies, the next two traps are luring the next generation and still there are moths.
I have no clue what it is that is still harbouring the pests but when I find it, I just might torch the little buggers.


  1. Nothing is worse! Not sure if you buy organic meals or flours, but I have found through buggy experience to put every single thing grain like in the freezer for 2 weeks before putting them into canisters or jars

  2. That could be very annoying. All the best to you in your war against them!

  3. My older daughter had moths in her bedroom and maggots on her ceiling that dropped onto her face at night. (nice) Turned out she had some hamster food stashed away in a cupboard, even though the hamster had died months ago. Once we got rid of the food and cleaned out the cupboard they slowly went. I hope yours do too!

  4. Ugh, they sound horrible. Luckily we've never had such things. I hope you manage to get rid of them.

  5. EC,
    I'll get there!

    Every time this happens I think I need to put everything in the freezer and then I get rid of them and forget all about it. Until next time!

    It might take a while but I will win :)

    LL cool joe,
    "maggots in the night" sounds like a horror movie

    Cockroaches are worse, much worse but these have a big annoyance rating. And the wastage they cause can be expensive.

  6. Don't know if you can get them there but bug bombs work pretty well.

  7. BBC,
    I could get bug bombs but I prefer not to. I think I can win this, they only have a few brain cells.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I had a load in the rice recently....my fault, i never seal packets

  9. I will admit to a guilty enjoyment of vacuuming flying insects right out of the air. I pick up ants that way too.

  10. P.S.

    "I think I can win this, they only have a few brain cells."

    Well, good luck with that! You have more brain cells but they vastly outnumber you. Insects are one form of life that even we can't destroy.

  11. Discovered after moving to Texas last year that there are more goddamn bugs here than you can shake a stick at, and half of them want to eat you.

  12. john,
    your housewife halo just slipped!

  13. snow,
    i wouldnt normally think i could get rid of insects but these should be easier, given that trapping them should stop the breeding cycle.

    i vacuum spiders but i think i would be lucky to catch a moth

  14. "i vacuum spiders but i think i would be lucky to catch a moth"

    With practice, you should be able to work up to bats and hummingbirds--or do you have them down there?

  15. no hummingbirds here and the bats are way too big!

  16. Most moths are attracted to light at night, put a little light close near the end of the vacuum hose and then switch on the vacuum when one flys up to it.

  17. I used to think ours were fairly gigr until I found some that were dead, and realized that their size was nearly all in their paper-thin wings. This leads me think that they would go down a vacuum.

  18. Look for an item called "The Pantry Pest Trap." (www.saferbrand.com). I got them at Home Depot. I described the bugs to an employee and she knew immediately what they were. She said they can already be in the food when you bring them home from the store! Ugh.

    It took a couple of boxes (4 traps in all), and many weeks of leaving them in the pantry. The little buggers take the pheromone bait and get stuck in the sticky trap. That was in addition to vigilant, daily smashing of those I spotted on my pantry walls and shelves.

    Thanks y'all, for the tip about putting grain-type goods in the freezer before storing. Prevention is way better than cure!

  19. BBC,
    your two comments got lost in the system and i just found them today!
    fortunately the moths seem to have disappeared but i'll try the vacuum trick next time (there will b e a next time, it's only a matter of when)

  20. VCH
    I have a few pantry moth traps. At the height of the plague they could cover a trap within days!

    Thanks for visiting!


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