Sunday, 18 September 2016

Birthday at the Zoo

Sydney's zoo, Taronga, turns 100 this year and have a promotion going where anyone can go to the zoo on their birthday for only a dollar. My boy Keaghan turned 20 a few weeks ago and his greatest wish was to go to the zoo. Fortunately it was a day when he doesn't have to attend uni and his sister thought she could squeeze in a few hours before attending her one lecture for the day.

I mentioned a while back that I'm not taking photos these days because I have no way to move photos from camera to computer. And yes, I could fix that but I haven't got around to it and by getting photos from the young ones we get to see their Snap chat incarnations. It's a bonus!

Tree kangaroos

View of the harbour from the Bird Show

One of our favourites. As we left the zoo the sun was getting low in the sky and most zoo visitors had left so there were a number of feral rabbits sharing the giraffes' hay. In the busier part of the day they were hidden away.

A peacock was a decorative addition to the kiosk.

The zoo is a great mix of the new and the old, I have to assume the giraffe shelter is pre-decimal with height markings in feet.

The last time I went to the zoo I was a kindergarten child. I think the building was painted white in those days. The newer paint job in heritage colours is rather beautiful.


  1. It is a very, very long time since I have been to Taronga, and these photos have stirred up wishes to return.
    Thank you - and a very happy birthday to your boy.

  2. Thank you for the lovely "walk" through the zoo. Hope your sons day was spectacular !

  3. It has been a few decades since I went to a zoo. I think that corrective action is overdue.

  4. EC,
    It really is a great day out!
    The steep site makes the walking hard but it's also the reason for the wonderful views

  5. Anne,
    Keaghan was in heaven that day, I dont think I will forget it

  6. Ramana,
    I'm sure it would be a nice addition to your other outings :)

  7. Jenny and I have been to Taronga Zoo twice, and greatly enjoyed it. We also loved the cable car taking you to the top of the zoo. I have mixed feelings about animals being cooped up in zoos, but I have to admit it's fun seeing animals I would never see otherwise.

  8. Nick,
    The cable car was closed for maintenance the day we were there. Better closed than unmaintained, I guess.

    On balance I think we probably should be moving towards closing zoos, I'm glad Taronga has such good facilities, it is not a natural environment but there is considerable thought put into keeping the animals active and enriched.

  9. While the pictures of the zoo at the zoo are very nice and all---my first thought was whoa wait a minute here--there is no way this young woman has children in their 20's and in college? Impossible.

  10. Mark,
    Flattery will get you everywhere!
    you made my day


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