Tuesday, 22 December 2009

the state of things............

sydney tonight is hot, hot, hot and sticky. the girls are reviewing recipes and writing a shopping list ready for their starring role as dessert makers for Christmas day. mini pavlovas and chocolate mousse made the cut, chocolate log and trifle didn't.
i have waged war on cellulitis over the last few days, it has been very painful and a fever added to the unpleasantness but i should be over the hump if i take it easy.
despite having our (very nice) work Christmas party on sunday i'm not feeling too Christmassy. i wonder when that will happen?

as each Christmas comes and goes and i consider the birth of Jesus i wonder whether there are any new ideas for me to digest this time round. today i'm thinking that in two thousand years not much has changed: Jesus was both a refugee and a middle eastern youth at different points in his life and both are still unpopular with some sections of society......
i'm not sure where i'm going with that so feel free to fill in the gaps

and i'm gonna quit while i'm ahead
g'night :)


  1. Jesus of Nazareth came to give us a 2nd chance. So far as I'm aware he codified and probably gave us the principle of forgivness.

    Rest in peace.

  2. How we all could have strayed so far from His original message to what is acceptable for "Christianity" of today is a huge mystery to me. Man has taken what was written in the Bible, and twisted it into something unrecognizable and scary. So for me, I'm sticking with His original word, and ignoring the wars "in His name". I feel much more at peace that way, as unpopular as that may be in today's society.

  3. As we get closer to the end of the year, I like to try and cleanse my mind; forget past trangressions, if you will. And pray that a new year will yield in a more positive way...

  4. Hey, have you missed me. I want my just desserts!

  5. I love chocolate mousse.

    I would not like to be a refugee in this day and age. Or in any age at all, really.

    I don't like to think of you being in pain. I hope it is much less today and gone SOON and entirely.

  6. "i'm not sure where i'm going with that so feel free to fill in the gaps"

    BAD guru. BAD guru. I look to you as the fount of all wisdom, and you tell me to fill in the blanks! Maybe the cellulitis has gotten you off-key....Pass the chocolate mousse.

  7. dad,
    it's hard to imagine a world without the principle of forgiveness........

  8. karen,
    i dont think He would want war in His name either. if more and more people can go to the original Word we might be able to get back on track

  9. Subby,
    thats a good philosophy.

    and i really hope next year is much more positive for you

    all the best

  10. sure i missed you cece!
    welcome back

    which dessert would you like?

  11. hey megs!
    i'm way better today and very happy about it too.

    chocolate mousse is just the best isnt it?

    chocolate anything actually....

    lossa love

  12. snow,
    i can answer that two ways....
    what would you think of a guru who didnt reflect? thats what i'm doing, letting it percolate

    and you seem to be a perfectly good self guru

    you want cream with the mousse?

  13. Belfast today is cold, cold and icy. But not as bad as Southern England which is a travel nightmare. When we were in Sydney last December, we just couldn't get our heads around Christmas in the scorching heat, it seemed all wrong. We expect snow, frost and icicles.

    I'd fancy the choccy log and trifle myself....

    You're right, in two thousand years nothing much has changed. Christmas goodwill doesn't last very long unfortunately.

    Hope the cellulitis and fever clears up in time for the festivities.

  14. hi nick,
    fever has gone, the rest might take some persuading. i'll be able to enjoy Christmas, it might have to be a bit muted but muted is ok with me.

    as a born & bred aussie i know nothing but hot Christmases. pity you there in the cold :)

  15. "what would you think of a guru who didnt reflect? thats what i'm doing"

    Oh,so THAT'S what you're doing. Thank god--I thought maybe you were deflecting or maybe even genuflecting, but never ever defecting, of course.

  16. you, snow, are a monumental BRAT


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